January 20, 2012

where is home?

I do not know what's so good about pasar malam that the place is always packed with people. But I notice some people love pasar malam so much that they cannot survive a week without going to. I guess it is the atmosphere. The hustle and bustle of people looking around for food, or just wandering around aimlessly.

What's so good about it then? I think it works the same way as mamak's. Dad said, "Roti canai mamak sedap sebab peluh mamak yang tebar tu." Yewwwww. So foods from pasar malam are tempting because of the dust and saliva of people crowding the place. Yewwwww lagi. Disturbing betul description.

No. No, don't get me wrong. I am not against pasar malam! Peaceeeee.

Throughout my life, I have never been in love with pasar malam. I am okay going to pasar malam. But if I have choices between going or asking others to buy for me, I would opt for the later. And throughout my life, I have never craved for any pasar malam foods except for two things -- which are keropok lekor and coconut shake. 

The coconut shake was the ultimate most irreplaceable, unbeatable shake ever!

I grew up in a tiny rural area of Teluk Ketapang. It was a fisherman village once -- Google that, see if you could find anything. The pasar malam was held near the beach. Oh yes, my place was so near to the pantai -- which was very nice. Sometimes, we bought some foods and ate them straight away at the beach.

When I first stepped my foot there, I relied solely on mom and dad to bring me to the beach. Then I grew up a little bit (dah perasan matured sket), I went there with friends. Without the consent of the parents, of course. Haha. But that was nothing to worry about. The place was just a few steps from home and you knew all the uncle and aunties there. It was perfectly safe.

Visits to the beach were successful for a few times. Until one day, I went there with Nabihah (who was only 6) and we went home with the girl was half soaked. Lepas tu apa lagi, memang kena marah la. Nasib baik tak kena pukul. Haha. And we were not allowed to go out for one month.

It was Terengganu. I was young. I did not know any other sort of entertainment. Pantai was our socializing park.

Okay, makin lama makin banyak pulak reminisce! Mula mula pasar malam, lepas tu pantai. Tapi semua takde kaitan pun dengan topic.

Those were my childhood memories. Yes, despite not being able to speak the language anymore -- I grew up in Terengganu, spent almost 6 years there, pretended like a local which usually turned out as big success. But now, people would be surprised if I tell them I spent my childhood in Terengganu. Perhaps because we look as if we are so settled in Negeri Sembilan now.

I never refer myself as orang Terengganu back then, nor as orang Negeri Sembilan now. We do not have any relatives there (in Terengganu), nor here (in Negeri Sembilan). My parents are from Johor and we did live in Johor a few years during my infancy -- which I could hardly remember anything from there. I am just ... ... ... I don't know.

The things is that I do not have any sense of belonging to any place. Home can be anywhere. My family moved from Johor to Terengganu, and back to Negeri Sembilan. Grandma lives in Johor. Home was once in Johor, once in Terengganu, and it is in Negeri Sembilan right now. It can also be in Johor where grandma lives (grandma's place do smell like home). 

If my family moves to Kuantan, Kuantan will be my home then -- which I am more than happy if that is going to happen for real at this moment. Well, for now. I really want to think of Kuantan as my second home. But I cannot because second home never exists.

p/s 1: 
Post ini bersempena hari memperingati cuti sem tinggal 5 hari sahaja lagi. Tak nak balik. Sobsss.

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Topic is only discussed in the last four paragraphs. Thank you.

January 16, 2012


Let me start this post with a story which happened many many weeks (may be months) wayyyyy before. The story began when a friend of mine started contacting me again after a full period of silence. She must have been missing me so much all this while, I said to my skeptical tiny brain.

Later, the very next day, she contacted me again asking me to accompany her on a walk. I refused because ... well, I had a report due tomorrow morning. And the same thing happened on another alternate day -- she wanted me to go with her to the academic building at night, and again, I refused because ... well, wasn't that scary? Going to the academic building at night, I mean. Not the girl.

The series of asking for companionship, refusing, and apologizing ran for more than a week, until she fortunately requested for a meeting between the two of us to be held on a right time (right time defined by me). So that evening, which was almost Maghrib to be honest, we had our sweet journey to the academic building.

I think you can guess what that meeting was all about. YES. You are so right, genius! It was an MLM recruitment agenda plotting on me! Do I sound so gullible if I say I did not expect anything like that from her? Yes, believe me. I honestly think that it was merely a meeting between friends to catch up news. Never mind.

Okay. Enough of the story.

Now, let us move to the essence behind the story. When you look at those people who work so hard in their field, have you ever wondered what motivates them? Let have a few quiet seconds to ponder about it. For me, the answer is simple. What motivates them most is ...


Okay, some of you might have a good guess where am I heading with this. Or you might have not?

Not to point fingers at anyone particularly, but people who work with these MLM companies are more likely to talk about money rather than to promote their products. They are trying so hard to impress you by explaining how your money can grow exponentially (literally) by recruiting more people into the system. Eh, macam statement nak cari gaduh je ni.

One thing you have to remember for you to grow richer and wealthier easier in this system is that, you have to form your core colony which consists of the people who understand the concept of recruitment and they work just like you as hard (or may be harder). Again, my question is, what makes them so motivated in recruiting the people? MONEY, of course. Amboih, cari gaduh lagi nampak?

Now people, do you have any idea who Mus'ab bin Umair is? Yes, he was a very handsome young man -- adored by all girls in the town of Makkah, brought up in wealth and prosperous, being envied by all boys at his age. And to everybody's surprise, he turned his back to all the worldly luxuries and comforts, and made his way into Islam. Do you think it was an easy decision to make? NO. Of course, not.

But he did anyway because he believed in the rewards ALLAH SWT promised him. ALLAH SWT mentioned in alQuran:

Isn't the promise to be saved from the hell fire enough to motivate him? 
Isn't that enough to motivate us too?

So, back to our main topic. We are discussing about the efforts people give in to gain the rewards. The question is, what kind of efforts we could offer in order to gain such rewards from ALLAH? Okay, it has been mentioned in surah As Saff verse number 11. I see. And what is the best MLM system available for us?

To answer that question, I leave you with this video.

Embedded video ni memang tak boleh nak besar lagi eh? -.-'


To MLM people, 
Ingat lah, masa semua orang adalah berharga! Unless what you are going to say has something to do with my exam's grade, you will not get my attention. Remember?

To new and old blogger,
All the best! Jangan blog tu asek bersawang macam blog ni je. Tak istiqamah and macam takde commitment langsung. 

"Tak istiqamah dan tak dapat memberikan commitment adalah ciri ciri orang yang akan melambatkan kerja dakwah." (Ainul, 2011) Okay, malu!

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