March 31, 2009

'izzah of being a Muslim?

[3: 110, Ali Imran]

Allah says that Muslims are the best people or nation? Are we now?

Muslims are backward educationally, socially, and economically and in world power politically. We need to make a self-critical study: Nobel Prize winners, Olympic Gold Medal winners, number of Books published, number of Articles published, number of scientists per 100000 population. Where are we?

The Qur'an and Hadith exhort the Muslims (both men and women) to read and excel in education.

Look at the literacy rate in the Muslim Ummah. Muslim countries like, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, etc. Now Afghanistan is in a hopeless situation with civil wars. Sisters who constitute half of the population are not allowed to pursue education.

[20: 114, Ta Ha]

Knowledge is power. The U.S. is the only Super Power. Why? Because it has knowledge in every field of human endeavor. Most of the Immigrant Muslims came here for higher education. If you go to any developing country and ask a student where do you want to go for higher education, the answer invariably will be United States. US is a super power, super corrupted power, absolutely and totally corrupted! No doubt the US Foreign Policy is not even handed and commits wrong to some Muslim countries because of the lobbyists.

Then how do we as Muslims correct the situation?

We can change the situation through 'Ilm and Aml plus Sabr. We need to be organized. First we need to be united. We can learn many lessons from other communities how they correct their situations and shortcomings.

Thousand years ago, our ancestors were masters in Astronomy, Medicine, and many other knowledge under the sky. Today our knowledge of Astronomy is weak. We are no longer master in Medicine and Mathematics.

1000 years ago Muslims were in the forefront in every field of knowledge. The students from the West came to Muslim Spain, Sicily, Cairo, and Baghdad to study the sciences.

Like our ancestors Muslims should take the lead in scientific study, exploration and knowledge. INTELLECTUAL REVIVAL OF MUSLIMS is the need of the hour.

The greatest pleasure for a father or mother is when their son or daughter achieves or rather excels in education, profession, power, wealth, etc. The most important is education. If I am a middle school graduate, then it is my responsibility to make my children high-school graduates or college graduates. If I am a high school graduate, then I should make my children college graduates or postgraduates. If I am a college graduate, then I should make my children obtain doctoral degrees. May Allah (SWT) give us the Tawfeek to understand His Deen and follow His Guidance.


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