May 12, 2009

my so-called life

I know I've been missing in action for a while, but I thought I would stop by and let you know I'm still alive haha. And in case if there's anyone waiting for my new entry (in your dream, aisyah^^). I only decided to write this upon being nagged by someone. Don't know why, lately I'm only interested in reading and replying the comments. Lazy girl.

Actually, writing is not my cup of tea (or should I say cup of coffee, cafe owner? ahaks). So we are speaking in short simple sentences today. This post is entirely about what I've been doing recently. Just a simple and ordinary life.

Last Saturday, I went to Aman Palestin Convention. Extremely interesting. Suddenly saw two ex-schoolmates. Boys. Seniors. Man, I felt so nervous. Sunday, a lot of things did happen though. I was invited to conduct an 'usroh' at SMAKL. Yeah, your school usu (if you are reading this post). It reminds me a lot of my high school days. Then I met Aminah, who will leave the university. She decided to do dentistry at Mansoura University. She has changed a lot. Wearing 'niqab'. Looking more matured than previously. After that, I went to Anisah's room aka Anjang. Having a very long talk with Achik, Anjang and Cidah. Talking about nothing but nonsense. Laughing at stupid jokes. Taking a very short nap and continued the conversation after that. And had our dinner. Reading novel in my very own room while Andak was watching korean's drama. Monday, I was going to meet Mdm Norhasni during her consultation hour regarding EPT. But that didn't happen. I woke up late and continued reading the novel. Bad girl. Then, I slept again. A lot of sleep. Really! Then, when that part of the day over with, having a visit from Dijah. Worrying about the final exam. Only then I realised that I'm doing too much leisure things these few days. Not preparing for my EPT. Not even thinking about the becoming exam. Bad, bad, bad. "I will be studying for the rest of the day tomorrow". Half inside me said. But the other half was pretty sure that will not work ngee.. Today, here am I. Not studying again haha. While the exam is tomorrow. Thinking of going to 'pasar malam' with Andak, Achik, Anjang and Cidah. Doing leisure again. Silently listening to the MP3 and reread some parts of the novel which I like. Thinking of so many things other than exam. I'm tired of thinking. Alright, after this I'll definitely do some revision:) In fact, I'll go to Hanisah's room (my serious-in-studies classmate).

I never change (I told you, Maryam). Hope I will. I'm nervous about figuring about this whole thing. Anymore, I feel a bit numb to almost everything. Planning my move is very tiring and stressful. I want to go home. And to hang out with my girlfriends outdoors. Especially the ex-smkapians. Miss you all so dearly hehe (^^,). And to have an all-brand-new starting.

This post is kind of very personal, yes? I don't wish to do this again. By all means, I won't. This is not the thing I'm proud to show off. And I think I don't even enjoy reading this after I've written it. And I know there are people reading my blog that they don't want to know these crap. So pardon me. I also don't want those out there to think that I have not done something bad. I'm not perfect or blameless. And I'm just saying that you are not either. No hard feeling ok=)

your sincerely,

p/s: trex, you make me post this entry. you have to make sure i won't regret it.

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