November 12, 2009

can we decide our fate?

It is examination season (except for my campus of course). Everybody is busy studying and revising what have been taught throughout the academic semester. For hardworking people (or should I say geek? =), it is about revisiting all those neural connection which have been established during classes or lectures. For the less fortunate, this period is a frantic combination of some revising and a lot of learning. No matter what state a person is in, one fact is obvious: everyone is hard at work.

From Umar alKhattab from the Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

If you relied on Allah a true reliance, He would provide sustenance for you just as He does the birds: they fly out in the morning empty and return in the afternoon with full stomachs. 

(Ahmad, An Nasaa'i, Ibn Majah, Al Hakim and At Tarmizhi)

Students (everyone else, in fact) are like birds. Just like the birds leave the nest everyday to look for worms, students leave their room everyday to search knowledge. Just like the birds looking everywhere their wings can take to find their sustenance, students attend lectures and classes to get the knowledge they need in life. Indeed, food can be found everywhere, so why do birds have to fly far and wide in order to find it? The key is, what they regard as beneficial food. Similarly, knowledge can be found anywhere under the sky. To get beneficial knowledge, however, we have to work a bit harder.

The reality is, we are blessed with the mercy of Allah. And He controls everything from the fact of where you are studying, in what profession you are in the future, to the spectacles you are wearing, colour of dress you are wearing today, and right down to every bacterium living in your stomach. It may be true that we have our own intentions and desires, and as the matter of fact, we have accomplished some of them in life. But, remember, that is because of Allah who lets us to have them.

We might want to achieve first-class honour this semester, and we may study during every single moment we have. If Allah wants, He can cause us a sudden pain in abdomen which leaves us stricken in the bed, what can we do? What can we do? And if it turns out that the pain is caused by an abscess in the liver which could be fatal (under influence of House ^^), who can help us?

...and in Allah should be faithful (Ever) put their trust. [3:122]

That's all the answer is. We are at the mercy of Allah's will. This is where we place the concept of tawakkal.

...and if anyone put his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah bestow) for him...[65:3]

Whoever relies on Allah, and then Allah will suffice for him. If Allah helps you in the examinations, then bring the toughest paper on Earth, you will definitely see the paper as a piece of cake. But if Allah leaves you in the exam hall with a sudden mental block, even the simplest paper will make you crying and shouting inside.

So, my dear, let us rely solely on Allah after all the preparations we made and all the efforts we boosted up  (not to mention the energy spent and sleepless night) at this particular moment. And don't forget to pray and ask forgiveness from Him.

At this opportunity, I would like to wish all of you, especially Biha, Yah, Maryam, Mas, Ama, Mary, Syira Saleh, Syira Brun, Jihad, Kak Ya, Kak Tiqah and everybody who are in the exam mode now (sorry for not mentioning your names, 'shoutbox' me more so I can remember you haha), good luck in your final exam, best of luck and may Allah always with you :).
*too late aisyah. they are about to finish the exam already!


  1. hehe..tau xpe:)
    papepon..thanks ecah:)

  2. hihi tnx love!

    biha spm ek?ke da lepas?ayooyoo.i fogot

    meaningful post

  3. biha baru form 4 la..
    hehe =)
    appreciate you for spending your time and read.
    *especially you are in the midst of exam hehe
    btw, all the best ya!
    know you can do it!

  4. salam ecah
    ape kaba?hehe
    gud luck xm..
    doakan kte jg yek...

  5. hoho,,
    jogging2..swimming 2 here..haha

  6. tu ar pasai, rase cm berenang lak. tp heran lak, sejak bila ucu blaja berenang? kehkehkeh =p


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