February 17, 2010

my inner geek

Well, lately I found myself addicted to scientific matters. Which I (actually) always was.

I am particularly fascinated by quantum physics (which I don't even know what does it refer to). And no doubt that my fascination is fueled by the fact that, 'I don't get it!'. Quantum physics (for me) is the realm of higher mathematics. Now (pardon my hubris), I can do well in mathematics. I mean, simple mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Oh, and fractions too :) I could say I can go with algebra, trigonometry and geometry. But, the same hardly could be said to statistics. 

My so-called sojourn into the world of higher mathematics revealed it was a language all by its own, a language incomprehensible to visual, tactile or whatever you want to name it. I found myself frustrated whenever I watched any programme that tries to explain the mysteries of either the atom or the cosmos. I would be following along all happy and awestruck until that inevitable moment when I realize I got lost somewhere along the way.

Physicists communicate via equations and algorithms. They viscerally understand cosmic phenomena via numbers and symbols on a whiteboard. I just simply can't do that. I am too awed by all that I observe. And my awe does not equate to numbers. I don't get why there was a Noble Prize winner who said: 'My equations understand more than I..' OMG! Is that for real? How could that be? For me, an equation is just an equation which means nothing.

Mathematicians and Physicians.. gotta love 'em (aww haha). They are special breed. Really!

Here, I am humbly admitting, I am not any of those kind. Not even close! I am just a simple soul, but I do hope I can pass mathematics excellently. 

-- this post was written after having a long hard day solving statistics and probability questions (which some are very nonsense!), so pardon my nonsense ramblings.

-- don't worry, if you don't like this post, I will get rid of it as soon as possible because I don't like it too. Just to announce the situation I am in now (hehe ^^)

-- oowh, about the tittle! That has nothing to do with me. Merely to make this dull post a bit catchy haha >.< (catchy ke?)

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