October 12, 2010

cheezy wedges

Well, I do not think people ever grow up.

Again, it is the society which makes us think we are who we are. In this case, being adults. Through my younger eyes, I used to think all the grown-ups I knew were sensible and knew better. But, I see something different during these days. It makes me wonder if our fears and insecurities ever leave us. With what I have been seeing, I do not think they will. 

And there seems to be this desperation and a greater yearning to be something they always wish they were, but somehow, could never be. And when they cannot do it, they push it on their kids. Hoping that the kids will carry the name for them, perhaps. And we all know how that will turn out. But that is something else to be discussed entirely.

A friend of mine once said (Allah blesses me with intelligent friend ^^), 

"Human beings are all layered. Like onions or the rungs of a tree."

When we woke up on our eleventh birthday, we expected to feel eleventh, but we did not. We still felt like a ten-year-old kid. Because we still were, just that it was underneath the year which made us eleven. It was strange that we opened our eyes and everything was just like yesterday. Only, it is today.

"What they do not understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that ... when you are eleven, you are also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one ...

... Some days, you might say something stupid -- that is the part of you which is still ten. May be some days, you might need to sit on your mom's lap because you are scared -- that is the part of you which is still five. And may be one day when you are all grown up, you will need to cry like you are still three, and that is okay ... "

But, people are always afraid to be that three-year-old again. To cry on mom's lap or to be just completely content with an ice cream cone. Why do people afraid? Can't we simply be, if that's who we are? Can't we strip the layers sometimes?

At every moment in our lives, in every new year, people are too busy working at the current layer. They want to fit the age of 20 (or 21), but we know we can never really get rid of the previous layers. It is something which is always there for us to build on. And we have to build it, so that we can get ready for the next.

I think this is really profound. :)

Maybe people grow a little more complicated in the process. But I often think our complexities, like everything else, is a juxtaposition because it can always be solved by something so simple. Yet, these simple things are always the hardest to do.

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Anyway, here are some points mom taught me on how to be a good parent. Motive of sharing this? No motive at all.

[Note: Points are viewed from the way my brain processed the information. Not the way mom expressed it.]

1). Never have favourites. Even if your second son is tall, dark, handsome, and doing just good academically. While your first one is a social recluse whose favourite activity is administering local anaesthesia, specky, and all nerdy. Love them just equal.

2). Everything your child does is gold. Make them believe they are the best in whatever they do. Whether it is in the academic performance, art performance, or in sports. Because it feels really good to know your mom would always be there to cheer you up.

3). The best excuse for everything you do (or get caught doing) is, "I am your mom. I know better."

4). Always be honest to your child. If the truth hurts, a lie is worse.

5). There is nothing you cannot talk about. Everything can be discussed open-mindedly.

I think my mom is cool. And so is my brain! Haha. :)

p/s 1 : I just made up the title and put the yummy picture so that this post will end up confusing all the Muggles. Are you okay with that, Prongs? Hehe.

p/s 2 : Anyway, in case if you are wondering who this Prongs is ... Prongs is actually a person who always makes my heart beats faster. Haha. Prongs! See, I even mention about you here!

p/s 3 : I am in an extremely happy mood now. Because ... I am going home this weekend! Yeay2! Best kan? Sape nak ikut jom la. Hehe. Jom Prongs :)

p/s 4 : Oh, colour hijau ni TAK cantik kan? Just asking.


  1. arghhh!! x cantik. langsungg. haha

  2. to gerau:

    Ape yg tak cantik?
    Colour hijau tu kan?
    Memang tak cantik pun. Haha :)

    to fake prongs:
    Hey, I know who you are!
    Why should I tell you, STALKER? Haha.
    Eh, ade orang stalk kite.
    Takut tau. Wuu~

    I mean, Padfoot. How was yr day? Suure it was a blast kn! n knowing you, entah2 ari ni pon stil celebrate lg..tehehe.

    Bez nye cheezy wdges tu!
    Even bez blk rumah! >.<

    I love colorful texts :) n hahaha tiba2 je share parenting tips? ;)
    Love youuu.

  4. to galaxydefender :

    Hye baby!
    Eh, lupe ... Hye Prongs! :)

    I was unable to respond to your comment because the speed of internet connection here has been relegated from like a handicapped tortoise to a totally dead tortoise. Plus, my place is no more can be recognised by the celcom radar. It said I am currently in the remote area. Okay, fine. WHATEVER!

    Eh, ter-emosional lak. Haha.

    Best tau balik rumah. Hehe. Nothing can ever beat the comfort of being home. Jealous tak? Haha.

    Love you too. :)


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