November 28, 2010

draft #2

Oh. It is such a dangerous business to work on this entry because the speed of the internet has just about as erratic as a hormonal orangutan. But yeah ... I am doing this anyway.

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Title : Urgh ... I hate this.

I took the public transport home again yesterday. Yes, I mean KTM. And it was not the first time I was actually hitching a ride during peak hour. Oh, the horror! The queue seemed endless, and it was almost impossible to flood into a train that was already flooded with people.

The worst part for me as a girl was to be so physically close to strangers in the train. I tried to take things lightly, talking to my friend and pretending to be so cool, but I just could not take it after a while. I actually felt like crying.

I hate the fact that my back is pressed against a stranger's body, my face merely inches from another man's face. I don't think any girl should ever be that close to people they don't know, even in a public transport.

The government should really step up with the public transport. They keep on saying that we have first class facility. Ouh, really? With third class mentality, perhaps?

I beg to differ.

It is not enough to have first class facility in place. We need first class system and first class execution as well. When people could not rely on the system, they switch to depend on their survival skills. And all the pushing begins. 

There is a reason why projects go in phases. It is to identify loopholes and improve prior to larger implementation. Extending the railway to Subang Jaya and making LRT more accessible without addressing the density problem first is like calling a mayday.

The 15-30 minutes interval between two trains is ridiculous. Trains need to be more frequent during peak hours because every time a train arrives, only ten people per line could smash their body into the pool of mankind. Hundreds more are lining up, and the queue just gets longer.

Maybe the Prime Minister should make it compulsory for ministers to take the LRT ride home once a month. Or at least ask their wives to take public transport every now and then. And then we'll see who's pushing who.

p/s : I do sound like an outspoken citizen. Don't I?

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A few months ago, dad (alone) rode one commuter on his way back home from Kuala Lumpur. He was all pissed off with the service.

At home.

My dad :
Is the train always moving in that speed? It is too slow. The reason people take commuter is to avoid the heavy traffic. And with that speed? It helps nothing.

Me ^^ :
Yeah. Now you know.

My dad :
My train was delayed for 30 minutes, you know?

Me ^^ :
It delays most of the time, dad. Never been punctual. Lucky you have to wait just for 30 minutes. We usually have to wait longer. 

My dad :
I stood. And no one offered me a seat. Not even from this young healthy man.

Sister :
Of course, dad. You don't look disabled.

He complained a lot more, actually, but I could not remember all the details. I did not even know why did he ride on a commuter. Maybe he wanted to have an experience, so that, he knows how his daughter feels upon riding that thing. Woah, I like your spirit, dad!

Well, I think dad is almost clueless. Haha. Don't tell him!


  1. first class facility with third class mentality, perhaps?


    mak amal penah cakap psl mcm2 benda yg nak dibuat di sekolah. since she's a teacher. seriously, mcm2.. and she said ,"diorang kat atas tu mana tahu. diorang anta anak2 kat private schools, and overseas. so tak tahu apa yang betul2 jadi kat bawah ni."

    kesian cikgu2, last2 bukan mengajar tp byk attend kursus. huhu

  2. THIS.
    I'll print this and send it to TheStar. urgh that's the ugly truth!

    darling lain kali pergi ladies coach :^) being stuffed wif strangers bearing the chromosome XY is a NIGHTMARE. and not to mention disgusting, like ewwww.

    Dulu masa baby still kecik, my mom and other siblings naik ktm nak pergi visit my aunty kat Cheras. And you know nobody offered her a seat? I was so angry masa dengar cite tu from my sis!
    Malaysians, seriously, sometimes are mentally corrupted.

    Nice change of layout btw. Still cant get of the blue theme? hehe


  3. haah kak.
    ade female punye coach kn?

  4. to Nur Amalina:

    Haih. Tu lah. Some parents seem to give the responsibility of supervising the children to the school. Bila dah jadi apa apa, mula lah gelabah blame sana blame sini. Third class mentally, indeed.

    to Maryam H :

    Haha. Go on. I don't think it will be published. Yeah, the strangers bearing the chromosome XY -like you said- are aliens. Haha.

    Dear, you have told me that one, right? I feel sorry for your mom. We should have the coach exclusively for moms with babies too, no?

    Haha. I think number of readers for this blog will drop soon. Seriously, who wants to be caught reading a blog with childish (or babyish?) layout?

    Oh, girls. This was a draft, remember? So, I think I wrote this during the first semester in PJ. Back then, we didn't have this coach for ladies. And when I graduated from PJ, only then they established this kind of special coach. Tak pernah pun naik ladies coach tu. *sedih* tapi takde la sedih sangat. haha.

  5. alamak aka, i think there's some misunderstanding here. hehe

    yg mak amal ckp tu, die ckp kat govt. bkn parents. hehe

  6. to Nur Amalina:

    Haha. Okay2 sekarang dah faham. You mean, high people in the government do not really see the problems because they send their child to private school, right?

    Tapi seriously, ada jugak apa parents yang educated, tapi still have that kind of mentality. They just send their child to school, and let the school handles everything.


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