November 11, 2010

well ...

... I think we have some catching ups to do. I found it very ironic that now I have finished almost all the papers for final exam. I am free for two days before the last paper. And all I did today were lazying around and reading non-academical books, like there is no tomorrow to do all those things. Bad me. All right, let's go straight to our business.

Random #1:

Dear Maryam. Oops sorry. Dear Prongs, this is for you.

Dear, I wrote this during the exam weeks. I did not post this straightaway to your place because I could not trust the postman anymore. Take my commandments seriously. This is an order! Print and paste it on the wall if you have to.

Oh, by the way. Happy supra threshold (= super) belated birthday. Be a good girl. Do not flirt much, or you will be a dead meat pretty soon. Haha. I heart you with all my heart and its content.

p/s 1 : 
Pardon the ugly paper. Biasa lah kan, doodle dekat lebihan kertas buat notes. (bahasa Melayu apakah? haha)

Random #2:

I used to be quite adamant about not leaving creases on the spine of my book. I am quite particular about it. Really. But as I was reading this particular text book a night before exam, I made a slight yet apparent crease on its spine and on the cover. It did not seem like an invasion, though. In fact, it looked like a progression.

Here I go, over analyzing a fold. A mere alteration in the originality of a form. I used to get really bothered and annoyed by these kind of things. The first time I dropped the phone. The first scratch on the laptop. But these lines, wrinkles, and scratches, are what personify your object. They make them yours.

Random #3:

Lately, I am so much aware with anatomical and physiological changes in my body. Like, when I felt pain in my throat, I could also feel that the thyroid gland was swollen (scary~). Or when I was studying, I could feel that the blood vessels going to the brain were rapidly constricting and dilating.

What does that mean? It means, I am too indulged in studying anatomy and physiology. Haha. (Oh wait, did you just double check to see if you were on aisyah's blog? Sheesh ...) Okay. Okay. I am not that indulged, but I was not kidding. In fact, when I was writing this, my tummy was making all these gurgling digestive sounds.

Random #4:

I am pleased to report that, despite all the pressures during the examination weeks, I am still in my pink of health. Give thanks to Allah *insert Zain Bikha soundtrack*. And also, thanks to copious amount of daily vitamins and mental health programme. Let me tell you about my mental health programme in the next paragraph.

My self-prescribed mental health plan involves a lot of talking to myself out loud. Thing I never did before because I prefer people not to think of me as a nutcase. Lately, however, I found that verbalizing my thoughts and emotions has an extremely therapeutic and calming effect on me. (Okay, you probably think I am a nutcase now.)

Random #5 :

Oh. I got a text message from my aunt just now. It says :

Salam. Hope you are in great health and doing fine in studies. Your mom told me that you are going home on the 13th of November, which is this Saturday, by bus. Young lady, please take good care of yourself. Make sure your mobile phone is well functioning with enough credit and with the battery fully charged. Functioning mobile phone is important for your parents to communicate with you. Please keep alert all the time. Bring only important stuffs. Do not bring too much things with you which can limit your movement. We all pray for your safety. Remember, Allah is always with us. InsyaAllah everything is going to be fine. Salam sayang.

This is charming! But, I got a text message from someone annoying too. Really spoil the mood. Huh.

Random #6 :

I have a very polite and descent friend. I mean, for an average (i.e. not-so-polite) girl like me, if I want to say I have a lot more to revise, I would say, "Banyak gila tak baca lagi." And my friend's version would be, "Ada 19 chapters tau psychology. Banyak jiddan." Notice the choice of words there?

Is it because the word is in Arabic so I said it sounds more polite? No. Not really. I am just actually picturing myself in 10 years time. It is not nice to hear that kind of impolite words coming from an adult-me, right? So, I have to inculcate politeness and courtesy in myself starting from now -- new resolution for today.

Random #7 :

I could not agree more with Amal. (visit her. she is a nice girl ^.^). Examination is all about memorizing detail information. Studying hard will not give much benefits if you cannot memorize all the understood facts. Okay, may be it will. But still, not as much as when you memorize them. Of course la, kan?

But, what if you just have three minutes to answer a question (with sub questions, too). And all you can do is to vomit whatever you have on the surface of your brain. You do not even have enough time to squeeze your brain and obtain the information stored deep inside it. PHM 1153 quiz was a nightmare.

Random #8 :

I am biased towards all the things I deal with. Even with the lecture notes. The arrangement of my lecture notes would always be, the most enjoyable subject on the top and the least enjoyable subject at the bottom. I handled notes for the subject I like very carefully like I was handling a fragile baby. And I did not do that to the rest.

I am also biased towards people. I have tried not to be so obvious. But ... *sigh*. I think my friends get to notice about this too. Duhh. I fail as a human being. Hence, job which demands me to deal with the community is not a good choice. Because I am prone to bias-ism (new vocab). Life is so complicated at this point. Haih =.="

Random #9 :

Oh. Well. I think people who do not respond to text messages are annoying. What were you doing? Revising? So you switched off your phone? Did you think what you were doing was ethical? Especially when you have to deal with something in a great concern of someone else?

Why do some people take 24 hours to just respond to a text message? Because they are too busy? Okay, responding to a text message takes like what? Less than 5 minutes, right? Or because they are sleeping? Nonsense. People do not sleep for 24 hours straight. Or simply because I am not that important, so you do not care?

Okay. FINE. WHATEVER. Just do what you want. And proceed doing your work like you are going to live forever because of that work. Do not be bothered by anything else. But. Hey, you. Watch out. Do you want me to be bias on you? In a bad way, I mean. Oh, you do not care? Okay. Get it.

Busy sangat. Konon. AHH SUDAH LAA. (Haa, kan dah emo. Isy.)

Random #10 :

Oh. Final exam. I screwed 4 papers for core subjects *down -_-*. And the 40% assessments could not help much *down lagi -_-*.

Great, aisyah. Serve you right!

And I planned not to check the result. Oh sheesh ... I have to submit the result transcript to my *boyfriend lah! Isy. Sibuk je nak tengok jugak.

* boyfriend is referred to the sponsorship personnel.

Okay, this is boring. I know. Bye. Good night.


  1. seriously..
    snape's potion class is the bestest thing in hogwarts!
    how i hope that i'll attend his class..*giggle*
    " Professor snape, would u like me to make a Polyjus Potion for you?? Or Felix Felicis?? "
    woohoo...*crazy student (or fan?)* =P

  2. all da best dear :)
    im in holiday's mood already ;)

  3. hahaha i've practiced some(or most?!) of the commandments already. awesome advice! one good thing the surat never came to you, is that you dont get to see my hideous writing :^) seriously. macam mane nak tulis cantek neat tidy gitu? sila buat tutorial. kehkeh.

    eeep. so many to tell. ada mase i email. <3

    bestest thing in hogwarts is the food! yeah

  4. to creamyfiodesi:
    Yeah. Of course, it is an interesting class.
    But I like Transfiguration class better. Hehe.
    Trex, you will be Snape's favourite if you were in his class. :)

    to asrar:
    Thanks darling. :)
    I AM now in holiday mood, too. Hehe.

    to Maryam H:
    Aww. You are such a good girl! :)
    Really? I honestly admired you handwriting when we were at school.
    Oh, remember this guy whose handwriting was so adorable? Toraks? Something like that. I could not recall.
    Haha. Yeah, agree. Food is the best quality in Hogwarts. :)


. snape's potion class : in memories . :'(

. dumbledore's army .