December 1, 2010


When I was 10 years old (zaman budak budak sekolah rendah), I was very close with my classroom teacher. And so were my classmates. My gang consisted of 5-6 people who always sticked together in the class. We were among the loudest in the class. (But from standard six and afterwards, I was not that loud anymore. Yeke? Confused.)

On this particular day, my school had a programme going on. All the standard four classes (if I am not mistaken) were to figure out a play to perform for Hari Sketsa. So all the classes were busy thinking of the play, actors, dialogs, and even the costumes. And we had to perform in front of the whole school. Wow!

Our class members and the classroom teacher, Encik Halim, decided to make a play about Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. Everyone was so excited. The actors for Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat had been picked. And so were the Sultan, the Menteris, and all the pengawal istanas. 

We, then, had to pick two girls for the dayangs part. My closest friend at that time was pointed as the first dayang. Our gang were too excited and we kept teasing her, "Hahahahaha. Wani jadi dayang! Hahahahaha." When suddenly ...

En. Halim :
Okay, dayang lagi sorang ... awak!
Loud me :
Hahaha. Anna jadi dayang jugak. Hahaha. (Anna was in the gang too)
En. Halim :
Saya tunjuk awak la Aisyah. Bukan orang belakang awak.

Everybody laughed at me. At that time, I went blurred for a while, then I thought, "Me acting? In front of the whole school? ... ... ... Taknaaakkk! ---" Haha. Tu lah. Gelak kat orang lagi. Moral of the story is, do not laugh at other people (tiba tiba je bagi moral value).

But the play was fun. It actually made me famous. The whole school, even the teachers and the seniors, started calling me dayang. Perlu ke bagitau? Hehe. Tapi tak heran pun jadi famous sebenarnya. Eh, perlu ke bagi statement ni? LOL LMAO ROFL. I still remember one of the dialogs ...

"Kekanda, ini airnya."


Funny. I kind of going back across the time upon being reminded by mom yesterday. If you notice this drama on TV3, Putera Katak, we were watching that one yesterday. Each time that frog appeared on the screen with his dialogs which sound something like, "Adinda, kekanda sangat rindukan adinda bla bla bla ... " I would grumble in a way that I want other people hear what I said.

Shy me :
Yewww. Gross.

Shy me :
Please. That was disgusting.

Shy me :

Mom :
Hey. Don't say anything like that again. You were also acting like that once, remember? On the Sketsa Day?

Shy me :
Mom! Please don't bring that on. *terus lari masuk bilik*

Everyone laughed at me. Again. Haih.

God. I think I miss my primary school days. When I was in standard three, I joined a singing performance. The girls wore gowns, while the boy wore smart shirt with the vest and all that, and we sang Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie. And I joined a story telling competition, too. And choral speaking. And public speaking. Haha. Best. Best. :)

Back then, I was quite committed to school activities, and get involved in almost everything. Now? Harapan. Haha.

p/s 1 :
excited. pulun tulis entry pasal Hari Sketsa.

p/s 2 :
lambat lagi Nabihah nak abes exam la. haih. oh, hari ni dia ada paper add math. malam tadi dia bising bising cakap nervous.

p/s 3 :
I won't go home without you~ tiba tiba. haha.


  1. LOL!
    this is post is soooo funny!
    The Necklace igt x??
    sayangnya, no pics! =(
    nobody bring a camera on that day!
    sedey2! but soo fun!
    aii..bestnya zaman skolah...

  2. Hehe, Padfoot, always the charmer/drama queen!

    Necklace?! Eh cite sikit psl play tu, ingat sikit2 je ni..yg tau ade ecah and dibah kn...blur

  3. eh, mayau xde ke time tu?
    kan 1 kelas berlakon?

  4. to creamyfiodesi:
    Ingat2. Hehe. That was fun. :)
    Nak buat entry pasal The Necklace jugak la. Haha.

    to Maryam H:
    Dear, how can you forget? I will write something about that to retrieve your memory. Hehe.
    Yes. Dibah jadik auntie yang kaya tu, yang pinjamkan necklace.


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