January 26, 2011

twelve cents

So lesson for today. What I have learned -- If you do not want to end up sending an SMS to the wrong person, please clean up your handphone first. Yeah. :)

Isy. Buat malu je tau.


Okay. That's all for an update.

Apa? Nak cakap tu je? Such a waste!

What do you expect? I have a paper tomorrow, okay.

Okay, fine. Pergi lah study.

Yeah, I have split personalities. Haha. Okay lah, bye. :)

Oh! By the way. Do you see the relation between my post and the title?


  1. split personalities?
    mcm GOLLUM dalam LOTR plak...hahaha!

  2. to creamyfiodesi & gerau:
    Cis! Bukan macam tu la. Isy.

  3. haha hbes mcm mane?
    btw, i can see the relationship btwn the post n title, kna blanje nih, aha

  4. to gerau:
    Eh? Baru perasan ada comment lagi. Hehe.
    Lain la, bukan macam tu. Isy. Susah betul nak cakap.
    Oh, you can see it? Ni memang power betul ni. Hehe. Okay. Jom picnic! Nanti kite belanja. Hehe. :)


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