March 9, 2011


[Note 1 : This post is dedicated to Cafe Owner, the organizer of a grand writing contest.]

[Note 2 : Nonsense post ahead. Step back if you do not want to ruin your day.]

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On my way through the layers of sky, I had this strange sensation and feeling. I saw myself with a very long red bandana -- equipped with swords and magnum guns, as I navigated a pirate ship across the sea horizon while eating an awesome sandwich. I was the captain of the ship, of course. WITH 999999999999999000 LOYAL PIRATE CREWMATES. YO! WHAT'S UP. 

The love of that new place started to grow in me. And I was ready to let go of my previous life.

When suddenly ...

I heard an aunty said, "Oh, I feel sorry for the first officer -- he is never going to make a Captain now."

I was like, "Oh, sheeeeesh! Am I suffering from delusional disorder?"

That was just actually a technical difficulty, and the second officer -- an established Captain, most probably -- had successfully fixed the problem. I believe most of the female passengers fall into this cool Captain. Includingmeofcourse.

People, let me put this clearly. I trusted my Pilot from the very beginning. I would rather choose to trust his word when he said ...

"Hello everyone. This is your captain speaking. We will be on our way in a few minutes. We expect a very smooth flight when we get above the clouds. The first officer will be at the controls today. You will hear more from him later when we get closer to our destination. Please enjoy the flight. Thank you."

... rather than,

"To all passengers, please fasten your seat belt. Because we are in scared to death -- danger zone!"

So Trex, I know this is not the story you wanted to hear. Haha. 

p/s 1:
My train of thought is so bad. I tend to jump from one idea to another. Which is the answer to why I cannot write stories. An understandable one, I mean.

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An unrelated story. I know a few girls who respond to something spontaneously and the respond will always be a funny one. Want an example?

Girl 1 :
Eh, kalau bertunang tak elok heboh heboh kan. Betul tak?

Girl 2 :
Tapi bukan ke orang kena tau jugak? Sebab kan dalam Quran cakap berdosa bertunang atas tunangan orang. Kalau orang tau kita dah bertunang, takde lah dia nak meminang lagi.

Girl 1 :
Hmm ... tak tau lah. Eh, nak tau tak, kalau lelaki cakap nak kahwin, lepas tu kita cakap 'Ya', macam tu pun dah kira bertunang tau.

Girl 2 :
Yeke? Eh, kalau macam tu kita dah bertunang seribu kali lah!

LOLx at Girl 2. Tak boleh blah.


  1. spe tunang 1000x???aisyah ke???

  2. cettt aku baru tgh syok bace psl Pirate of The Caribbean ni! tibe2 rupe2nya angan2 budak yg tgh tdo atas kpl terbang yg selamat!
    ecah! penyertaan anda ditolak! sbab xmnepati kriteria!

  3. to anonymous :
    Mesti lah BUKAN. Isy.

    to creamyfiodesi :
    Haha. A person lack of imagination -likeme- can only produce this kind of thing. Biase lah kan?
    Oh, disqualified ke? Takpe la, nak bagi can (perkataan apakah?) kat orang lain. Haha. -taknakmengakutakdetalentwakaka-



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