October 19, 2009

i'm not good in writing

Hello everybody! I'm back. Well sort of.

I've been neglecting this blog (again?) and for that I'm a little sad. Luckily no one reads it, so it's not like I'm letting anyone down. I just realized it has been a month since I last updated this blog. Where has the time gone? This holiday is cruising by a warp speed. I felt so horrible, and I still do. Because, you see, I have 3 weeks of holiday but still I haven't made a single move to jot something down.

By now you have probably noticed that I don't blog much. I certainly don't post as much as my friends do;) and why is this..? I've asked myself the question a lot. Here are some rational observation:

I do have (I guess) tons of ideas of what to blog about but..

  • I never get around to actually writing the post.
  • I start writing and get distracted by something else.
  • I work on tasks I put on planner as higher priority and decide not to do it at the end of the day.
  • I fall behind and feel like I have to write some masterpiece to make up for it. Otherwise, why post so sparingly?
  • I sit down to write and have so many ideas but I simply can't put them into words (this, in fact, is happening right now. Let's hope I can get to the end of this one!)

Every once in a while I have a New Year's resolution type of thoughts and think, "This time, I'm really gonna do it. I'm going to blog weekly now, may be more than once a week!" And not surprisingly that won't happen haha :D I can get one, or may be two posts out before I'm back to old habits. That really sounds like me, no?

So, what does that mean? I'm a really a BAD BLOGGER. I hate to admit it, but since honesty has always been one of my better-known virtues, I shall confess. I'm the worst blogger. I know. It's true. It really is. My head is hanging in shame. It has taken me so long to face the truth, but I have finally garnered the strength to admit to my utterly shameful blogging performance.

Why, you ask? Here comes the reason and may be the solution..

  1. I post infrequently. A cursory look at the dates of my posts will tell you that I post once a month (that's the best I can go). For someone who is in love with the very concept of blogging, and is continuously researching and experimenting with it in a number of ways, that is an utterly shameful number. I am the lowest form of life on the blogosphere!
  2. I obsess over content. I wait for things to happen before I react to them on the blog, which I'm not sure is a good thing for me to do. I have a lot to say, even without things happening - just about stuff the way I see it. All of that deserve blogspace too. So I'm not going to wait for General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC, whose bankruptcies were backed by the US Treasury before I log on and rip that pseudo-democrat apart. I'm supposed to make my blog a little less serious, a little less current-affairsy (don't know the real word ^^), and a little more like me.
  3. I obsess over presentation. One of the reasons new media experts have attributed to blogging's success is its spontaneity. Me? I do plan spontaneity. I, ladies and gentlemen, for no obvious reason, has taken it upon myself to change the rule of the game, that is, changing the way people and businesses communicate. Overambitious? Hardly. Perfectionist? Perhaps. Whatever the reason might be, I will act anal about spelling, edit phrases until they are as clever as I want them to be, ensure that no paragraph has strayed into another's territory and so on. Only when I have made countless pre- and post-publishing edits, do I let go.
  4. My blog looks like something the cat dragged in. On the second thought, this should probably reason #1. I changed my template from blue background to white because I want it to look wider. But will you see how utterly boring it looks now?! And the choosing of the style and color is very un-me. Even my pretty little column on the top doesn't do anything.

With the promise this post will be published unedited (except for the spelling/typos - come on, you have to give me that!), I do solemnly hope that I shall post every single week from now on. Even if it's just a picture I want to share. Even if it's only a random comment about the weather. Even if it's just another self-analysis. Even when another motors company goes bankrupt:)

Simultaneously, it will be my constant endeavour to make sure my blog doesn't degrade into the sort of general trash that is so pervasive on the blogosphere today. I hope it will make some sense. And I do really really hope it will still be read and that more and more people will like it and visit it hehe ^_^

Thanks for spending your time.
Good day =)

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