November 23, 2009

november girls ;)

Hi there!

I'm sorry I'm late with this. I would like to wish Happy 20th Birthday to Taqwa (classmate) which fall on 20th November, and also Happy 19th Birthday to Ummi (roommate) which fall on 23rd November. (Sorry Taqwa, I make you look a bit older here hehe).

Both of you are totally amazing, awesome, brilliant, genius and.. urm ape lagi ek? And ok larr comey and cun! And very much admirable and lovable! And bond-ish for that matter.:) And funny and great grand punya sempoi. You are aware I'm not using the dictionary for any of these words, kan? So, my words are lame and limited, but Taqwa and Ummi, you are highly adored, and held up high, and irresistible! Not joking!

birthday cake

I wish to put more pictures, but they will take me like ages. Call me IT-blind! Waiting to upload just a single picture is enough to raise my blood pressure (my nerve is very delicate). Enough about me.! Actually, we had a celebration last Friday (kat bilik Andah and Jal), so it was a bit earlier for Ummi. And unfortunately, Jal wasn't there :( (sorry dear, we can't do it this week because our schedule is really pack). Guess what? Shortly, I will reveal some sort of secrets (so-called secrets) about these two girls.


Both Taqwa and Ummi are: 

  • Kuat makan hahaha - not really, but I tell you what, they can be so expressive when it comes to food.
  • Kaki jalan jugak - they can stroll for hours without complaining of tiredness. And I think they love window shopping the most! Am I right?
  • Talkative! - a lot of talk, really. Especially Taqwa haha ^_^. They use up to 3000 words a day, not to mention number of calls they receive in a day.
  • Posers - able to do a lot of posing in front of camera. Consider you are lucky because I didn't upload all the 'gedik' pictures of you, we took during the party (huh? kantoi)
  • Naughty kehkeh - but still, you both are not as naughty as Andah haha =P (who is Andah?)
  • Enough, Aisyah. Enough!

Taqwa and Ummi, I need you to stay who you are. Because all these things make you so special. Taqwa and Ummi are very very cool (and so hot!) heheh :). You are the best! Don't try to act mature after your birthday. Girls who try to be mature are not cute at all haha =D

So, again Happy Birthday, dear =)


  1. ude,
    i guess u should have the 'more than a compliment - 30th March Girl ' as well...

  2. OMG! 30th March?
    what is that supposed to be?

    Andak, is that a request?
    you'll be lucky if that date falls on the day when i'm the mood of writing..
    otherwise, you'll only receive a text message from meh =)
    you know me, right? heee


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