December 29, 2009

list of things

1. Before I came to the university I wish I had known

  • that it didn't matter how late my first lecture was, I'd still feel sleepy through it.
  • that I could change so much and barely realize it.
  • that I can love a lot of people in a lot of different ways.
  • that every clock on campus shows a different time.
  • that I would study everything yet fail a test.
  • that I also would know nothing yet ace a test.
  • that most of my education obtained outside lectures.
  • that no matter how 'cool' anybody was in school, no one here cares.
  • that if you got good results in school, so what? It doesn't matter here.
  • that friendship is more than giggling and laughing together, but that's still fun!
  • that Sunday is an illusion for the world's imagination.
  • that Friday is the most welcomed day in a week.
  • that Biology is actually Chemistry, and Chemistry is actually Physics, and Physics is actually Math.
  • that parents would become smarter than the last few years.
  • that it is possible to feel alone even I am surrounded by a bunch of friends.

2. Top 10 reasons that university is like primary school

  • you cry for your mom.
  • you cross the street without looking for cars.
  • you think snack time is a necessity.
  • you lost the erasers over and over again.
  • you stay in rooms and play games with friends.
  • you wear your backpack on both shoulders.
  • you have big buttons.
  • you cannot wait for the classes to finish.
  • you take naps at 12 or so before afternoon class.
  • you can sleep 'bersepah-sepah' on the floor until morning.
  • you think Atasinchi is very funny.

3. You know you've been staying on campus long enough when

  • you actually like doing laundry at home where the washing machine works.
  • two miles is not too far to walk to the conveniences store.
  • you'd rather do the house chores than study.
  • "Oh God! How did it get so late!" comes out from your mouth at least once a night.
  • mummy's cooking becomes something you desire and craving for.
  • you go to sleep when it is light and wake up when it is dark.
  • you live for getting mails and text messages.
  • looking out of the windows is a form of entertainment.
  • you start thinking and sounding like your friends.
  • you know foods in fast food restaurants by names without even looking at the menu.

** let me know if I've missed any single detail, ok?


  1. kak ecah!!
    your english is soooooooooooooooooooooo good!
    one thing that you forgot is
    "wait for someone to drink milk together at midninght"

  2. hahahaha
    aah la, that's supposed to be in
    reasons uni is just like primary school an?

    and another thing,
    labeling friends is a kind of hobby
    i.e: prokaryotes hehe :D

  3. great post!! well done


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