January 5, 2010

wow, it's 2010!

Welcome 2010!

It's a new year. A time of new beginnings right?

Time for New Year's Resolution no matter how big, or how small.

Each year around this time, you will hear people mutterings about starting over or beginning again.

Not from me (at least not this year ^^), I don't want to start over or to begin again.

I just want to keep doing what I've been doing, only better!!!

Each month, each week, each day, each hour, each minute and each second.

From taking care of myself, physical and soul, to taking care of people around me (am I exaggerating?). From staying organized, to just surviving the stress and chaos of life. From planning well in advanced, to just seat and being absolutely spontaneous. From being thrifty and sensible when I need, to being frivolous and splurging on the more enjoyable things in life when I can. From remembering the past and where I came from, to embracing the future and where I want to be tomorrow, to living for today (and just for today). 

This year, I resolve to keep the highs, high and to keep the lows minimum.

To take each moment in as it comes and try to make it better than the last.

To live my life beautifully and gratefully.

So, here are some little things which I intend to make them better this year.

In terms of finance and expenditure:

  • buy stuffs only if necessary, no extra
  • no obsession in particular goodies (note to self: cute items are angles from hell)
  • buy only because I have to use it, not because I like it
  • monthly saving, always keep the account book updated
  • coin box in the closet is not just a statue, make full use of it
  • cannot visit Pakcik ATM more than twice a month
In terms of eating habit:
  • strictly, no junk food!
  • no fast food as well
  • oowh, no pickles too
  • less consuming of high carb product hehe =)
  • daily supplement
  • more vegetables
  • an orange a day (for the sake of having firm skin at the old age, please!)
  • breakfast is a must
  • dinner before 6pm
  • milk before sleep ^0^
in terms of studies:
  • say bye to procrastination (my imaginary friend last year)
  • finish lab report on the same day
  • finish all homework!
  • no last minute works for tutorials and assignments
  • no last minute revision for quizzes and exams
  • BTQ is not a side subject (as in side menu), treat it as equally as Bio and Math
  • EAP is not the only subject taken, don't neglect other subject in order to finish the term paper
  • presentation is a piece of cake, no pressure ;)
  • be tidier and more organized
  • make more time for relationship (I mean for family and friends)
  • work harder in all fields
  • talk nonsense less
  • wake up before 'fajr' every morning (including weekends and holiday)
  • stay healthy, no drugs from the clinic
  • be proactive in class (how is that sounds?)
  • contact family and relatives frequently
  • hmm.. there are a few more which I can't put into words huhu

Remind you again that this is not my new year resolution.

I just want to do all these things right and properly this time.

And oh, before I forget! Happy New Year everyone!

~belated greetings huhu~


  1. heyyyy kesian nanti pakcik ATM tu miss yuuu~~

    good luck yer,& i aim to help others achievin their goals. how noble does that sound -whistles- hahaha.

  2. me to maryam:

    noble? urm okay la.. noble! hehe
    yes i need ur help dear..
    glad u realized ur peranan..
    never ever give up on me, okay?

    miss you too! (",)

    me to gerau diraja:

    is it?
    not as cool as breakfast prepared by you
    hahahaha =P
    please come and prepare my breakfast more frequently..


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