January 12, 2010

embracing change

Am I afraid of change? I've questioned myself a lot. I'm not a person who can simply change stuffs I'm familiar with, with a new one. Even my desktop, I've been using the same image for ages and if possible, I would like to use it forever. I totally don't get why there are people who change the image of the desktop as if they are changing the casual wear. I really don't get why there are people who can use a lot different types of pen in one time. I just can't do that.

I prefer to stick with what I'm used to. I know, this doesn't sound very good. I can't continuously have this kind of paradigm, no? I mean, not all things which I'm used to do is healthy (in a sense of my life as a student). Not all things which I'm used to can be applied forever, there will be time where, what I'm doing now is not relevant anymore. So, I need to change. Not drastically and of course not everything (that scares me, man!)

What you have to do now, Aisyah, is to be prepared. You started this year by promising to make everything you do this year better than last year. But, always remember that the difficulties did not go away. There are always some uncertainty about years to come, whether with unemployment, healthcare, war, or even money to pay bills. It takes courage to shift the story line and move from a familiar and known place to one that is unknown and without reference point (as it means stepping out from our usual comfort zone).

I remembered being excited graduating from high school, many years ago. I counted the days until I finally left the school. When I finally became an ex student of the school, I entered this institution (named DQ ^^) before furthering my studies. I had to face the reality of creating a whole new way of life. It took time to adjust and realize that change, although inevitable, can also be a time of great personal growth and can make you stronger and more confident.

The only things which makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next.
Ursula K.LeGuin

Without change in ourselves, we become stifled and stagnant. Being with what is, as it is, and integrating the reality of change is wonderfully liberating -- it is the opportunity to clear away layers of dust and cobwebs and to start anew in each moment. 

Here are 10 ways that, hopefully, will help to deal with change and uncertainty:

1. Accept what is! If you can change something, then do. If you can't change anything, then release resistance and simply be with what is.

2. Take risk. Life is about not having answer, taking chances and risks, and making the most of every moment, all without knowing what is going to happen next.

3. Be your own best friend. It is easy to blame and shame yourself, but now is the time you deserve the most love and kindness of all.

4. Everyday is a new beginning. Each time you take a step forward you have no idea what might happen. But nothing will happen if you continue to stay where you are.

5. Keep falling as long as you keep picking yourself up! Making mistakes is not a problem, but not learning from them and moving on is.

6. Nothing is permanent. Appreciate every moment, fully and completely, as it will never happen again.

7. Think with your heart instead of your head. When you come from your heart, you come to your senses.

8. Meditate. Take time to just stop and breathe, to remember why you are here and to find what is the real meaning of you.

9. Don't take yourself too seriously. A good sense of humor prevents a hardening of your attitudes, and stops your opinion from getting too rigid.

10. Do something for someone else. Make giving to others a part of your life, even if it is just a simple smile and a hug. 

sources: Shapiro

Let's hope 2010 will bring a greater sense of sanity to this crazy world and a greater peace of mind to everyone of us. 

May this year be your best year ever!

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