April 23, 2010

of scary movies & coward kids

I remembered watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with my little brother when he was 4. I know, I deserved Best Sister of the year award.

The thing about Harry Potter is that while it may have initially written for kiddies, there comes a point in the story where, "We are not in Kansas anymore". And the Goblet of Fire is about the point where that tornado hits and Voldermort officially comes to life.

I had not watched the movie in a while, so I forgot that the first scene after the big Quidditch game would turn scary (at least for the kids) quite fast. There was where the Death Eaters were introduced. The site was on fire and a big smoky green skull with a serpent tongue in the sky was announcing the imminent arrival of Voldermort.

Cue living room scene.

We were on the couch enjoying the Quidditch match. The kid was smiling and thinking how cool it is for these grown men to be flying around on brooms chasing balls and snitches. The scene cut back to the tent where Ron was gushing over Viktor Krum, when all of sudden there was a chaos right outside!

Everyone left the tent to see what the commotion was about and only to be met by the engulfing flames. At this point, the Death Eaters made their appearance. Here was where the fun began and my little brother went from huge smiles on his face and enjoying the movie to hiding behind couches and wondering how the worse scene could happen so quickly.

As soon as the Death Eaters came into scene, his face quickly changed from happy to worry as he said:
"Who are they?! WHAT'S GOING ON???!!!"

I couldn't help but laugh. And I found that he was now crouching behind the couch with just his head peaking over the arm rest.

It was just hilarious to see the kid scattered around the room looking for nooks to hide in. It made me think of the time when I was a kid, I would look under my bed before going to sleep, just to make sure that Chucky was not hiding there waiting to eat my face as soon as I fell asleep.

Watching scary movies as a kid is definitely not fun at all unless there is an adult to protect you from the monsters and, of course, secretly laugh and make fun of you for being such a coward kitten.

But, come to think of it now, I think I really cannot watch scary movies. I have a particular aversion towards scary movies. I also have a very broad definition of what constitutes scary.

The typical horror flicks are obviously included Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, The Ring, Unborn etc etc. I also include movies with an especially high level of violence or suspense, or movies involving psycho and serial killer, or things that are very realistic and could actually happen to me in real life.

I remembered something about the movie called Urban Legends where a girl was walking to her car in the parking garage and a psycho was underneath her car and slit her ankles before killing her. Or something to that effect. Which made me preventing myself to be anywhere near the parking lot or garage for quite a long time.

My resolution is, I have to block that movie out completely from my memory. In fact, I have blocked out all the scary movies I have watched. I have somehow managed to compartmentalize my mind so well that all of the scary movie memories are locked away in some dead subconscious, where they cannot haunt me. And I would change the channel when commercials for scary movies come out. 

Up until now, however, I am still wondering how can I watch crime shows like CSI or Criminal Minds all night long. Oh, blame my neuroses on the lack of ability to separate truth from fiction. 

If I watch any scary movie, I will not be able to sleep. I am not exaggerating. I watched the Dead Silence last Monday. Now, when I am all alone in my room, especially at night, I keep imagining that Billy boy or Mary Shaw nanny is watching me from the window.

It's bad.

Yeah, it's really bad.

So, I have to avoid scary movies (in a way, like I am avoiding the plague) to preserve my own sanity. Oh, and I am wondering is there anyone else who has such strange mental stuff like me? I hope there is, so that I can safely think that I am normal.


  1. Masa kenit kenit dulu tgk Scary Movie Two kot, & i cannot bear seeing closets/almari/bende bertutup.

    &2 nights ago, mengade pi tgk cite horror kt tv, called 100 feet.

    not scared anymore :D *belagak je tak*

  2. to maryam:
    Oh, have you ever watched this movie where the child (ghost) resides in the closet? Can't remember the tittle. But, this one really made me scared to open the closet. And my mom was VERY mad because she would have to do it for me, be it night or days. Then, she threw everything from the collection and banned us from watching the TV haha >.<

    I am not scared anymore too, I am just imagining things hehe :)
    (okay, I lied!)

  3. Legion was gnarly http://bit.ly/bEgvjN

  4. to anonymous:
    Oh, hye stalker!
    So, you came here at 3am to leave me that link?
    That's so generous of you.
    Thanks anyway.

  5. gerau diraja^_^April 28, 2010 4:43 PM

    kak ecah,, i am bored to death lately..
    miss you so much,,
    miss nak lepak2 sesame,.
    cold storage..
    mid valley

  6. to gerau diraja:
    Same goes to me. The boredom is killing me. Erk!
    Miss you too, honey hehe :)
    Bestnye MPH hehe..
    Jom shopping same2 lagi,
    Jom picnic kat taman tasik,
    Jom main kat cosmo's world,
    Jom naik cable car,
    Jom pegi aquaria,
    Isy! berangan je budak2 ni -_-'

    You take care, all right? Stay away from trouble..
    Make sure you come to Kuantan in one piece (& kurus, of course haha ^.^)


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