August 1, 2010

hye internet!

Most days you just want to skip through. And some you want to savour it until the end. But, the first day of anything is a bit of a mixed bag. At least for me. Orientation week was not helpful enough in providing me the mental image of the college I wanted. However, I was so lazy to write and comment about that in the feedback form. So, I guess, my future-junior (is there such terms?) will face the same problem too.

I could not believe I was homesick the very first night being here. Mom called that night asking whether everything was all right. Due to some undefined reasons, I was barely able to speak. I could only produce some 3-letter articulate words (like, Yea.. Urm..). After a few wasting minutes, mom just said, "Never mind. No worries, okay? Just go to bed and sleep." I felt bad for doing that. Next day, I sent mom a text message telling her that I am doing great and promise to call her at night.

Unfortunately for me, I am doing this programme alone. All my close friends during the foundation days are in the other programmes. So, a few early days during the orientation were quite a nightmare. Yeah ... you know, everybody already had their own so-called gang and they stuck among themselves all the time. That made me deeply feel like changing to the other programme and join my friends. Boleh tak camni? Mengada ngada kan?

Distribution for students' residential was made according to the programmes, too. Students of a particular programme will be placed in the same block. Again. I was the victim of the situation. My friends and I have to separate. For good this time. For-good was what mom thought. She said I have to reduce my time talking and gossiping (and doing mental stuffs haha ^^). Oh, but she has no idea how determined am I. I do not mind climbing so many stairs and walking for miles just to meet them. (But, I do mind if I have to walk for miles just to hit the cafe!)

One of my friends' room resides just in the other block opposite to mine. Coincidently, our rooms are facing each other, and so, we can just communicate through the windows. Since the blocks are not located close enough to enable us talking in normal frequency, we have to shout and sometimes repeat a few words before the other person completely get the message. Mental? Who cares? (Yeah ... I know. I have ruined the privacy and peace of other residents. I couldn't help feeling so excited talking to her).

My first lecture was PHM 1143 in a hall contained 100 people. I mean, the whole batch in one class. Wow! Huh. Really. Wow!!! (Ye, saye cam orang jakun, saye tau ...). People, I cannot afford sitting at the back because the LCD projector does not perform a very good job from the beginning. I am so sicked with that. In just three weeks, it has caused the focal length of my lens to increase in ... what? +1 Diopter? How much is +1 Diopter? (sebenarnya dah tak ingat ape2). My point is, this LCD problem is so bad for eyes.

During the first class of each subject, we did not actually straight away start our lesson. The lecturers would introduce us to the do's and dont's in their class, what they expect from us, how they want us to behave, and all that kinds. So, the first session for PHM 1134 was just quite the same, except, it was a bit scary. Oh, I do not think I have to describe it. (I will be dismissed from college if the lecturer encounter this post. grrr~).

But, okay ... just briefly. The lecturer asked us, "Why do you choose this programme? Is it really your interest? Or you have to?" And ... when the question came across my ear, I heard it as a provoking question and I, honestly, became emotionally stressful. What so wrong with doing something because you have to? Is it really that bad? Hey, at least I am obeying my parents, okay! And she said, "I expect you to pre-read. Do not come to the lecture empty-headed. Do not expect us to spoon-feed you everything." Okay, this is actually what most lecturers expect from us. No big deal. I guess?

On her second session, I noticed everybody was acting goody-goody, behaving so admiringly, and giving all they have (ears, and eyes, and heart) to the lecture. Which, if I am the one who give the lecture, I will definitely tell my colleagues, "You won't believe how adorable my students are. They are so cute!" (cute is an overstatement!). You know, even the boys did not leave the front row empty as they usually did. Oh man ... that was really impressive! 

For the record, I just bring a note book and a pencil case everyday. No text books, no files, no A4 papers. I can safely bid goodbye to all those days when I had to bring the text books to class (mind you, the text books weigh 5kg each). But still, I have to use a backpack because I have to bring the white coat, telekung, and umbrella (not to mention Vaseline, hand sanitizer, talcum powder, and others from the same category). Well, it is okay for me. As long as they are not as heavy as those 3-inch-secular text books.

For another record, I do not doodle nonsense in my note book (anymore!). I jot down only academic stuffs and facts. Wow! I am feeling almost proud to be able to say this. This is quite an achievement for me. Ouh but, my skill in taking notes during the lecture still upsets me. The moment I finished writing down a complete sentence, the lecturer already finished explaining the entire slide and moved to the next one. I was like, 'Oh sheesh ... What is he talking about? Where did my head go just now?'

I love Islamic Worldview class so much I cannot put them into words. Before attending class, I have the feeling this subject will be very philosophical as the notes are so brief and it takes quite an effort for me to understand what on earth exactly it wants to explain. The class, on the contrary, is not that philosophical and it is full of tazkirahs. I got a lot of additional information too, like, the origin and the people behind Wahabi school of thought. Do you know all that? Check it out and you will be surprised!

We had our first study circle meeting on the 23rd. The facilitator is a final year student. During the taaruf session, she did actually ask why did we choose this programme instead of the other. Okay. Sensitive issue. Again. Everybody (except me) was giving the answer which sounds something like:

  • Because I love chemistry. And I want to be in medical-based line. So, this programme is the best choice.
  • Because I love science subjects. And I want to go into business. This programme offers me both.
  • Because I want to produce my own medication and cosmetic products with my own brand.
  • Because I love chemistry. Initially, I actually wanted to do Chemical Engineering. Since our university does not offer that, I considered changing into this programme.

... people, my coursemates are superb! Don't you think? Oh yeah ... only this question caused me a bit shaky. Other than that, the meeting was pretty awesome.

Urm ... what else? Oh yeah, of course. There is no TV here. Well, I do not really bother to watch anything, unless when I am home. So, no TV will not cause mental retardation in my case. But yeah, I did not watch the match between Germany and Spain (sad to say). I am a big fan of Germany, have I mentioned this? I am. Since 2002. Oh no, I am not that indulged in the football world. I just kind of watched it because I was still in the midst of holiday when it started. And I made fun of the players with mom. They were so childish. (But, I love that Dutch boy still haha ^^ stupid tak cakap camni?)

Oh, and I have just received a bunch of thick and heavy secular text books last week. (The flow of my writing is so bad. Pardon me. I do not want to write everything all over again). So yeah, "I don't do pre reading because I don't have the text book" kind of excuse is not relevant anymore! And I have a stack of lecture notes I have not even touched yet. And a lab report to be submitted next week but I am still blurred with all the theories and calculations. Duhh.

I miss my family and I want to go home. Mom said I do not have to because it is too dangerous (paranoid much?). So, I think I will only come back for Hari Raya holiday, which is more than a month from now. If I can go through this successfully, I think I am capable of studying abroad (haha ^^).

Adeh. Penat la nak cerita semua.

Okay, to conclude the rest ...

Despite :

  • Cafeteria is located so far away.
  • Having very packed schedule.
  • Not being in the same lab as Nisah.
  • Not under the same mentor as Nisah.
  • Can only meet 'my people' during the weekend.
  • Inconvenience place to wash the clothes.
  • Inefficient facilities to dry the washed clothes.  
  • Can only come back home a few days before hari raya. :( :( :(
  • Exam is coming soon after that.
  • 3 days of revision period. Haih =.='
  • her.
  • Another her.

I am eternally thankful for :

  • Mom, who always does the slow talks on the phone.
  • Advice from parents and people I know.
  • Calls from sisters, who enjoy the monkey story. (haha ^^)
  • Friendly and kind kakak cafe.
  • Comfortable mosque in KOP building.
  • Amusing and engaging lecturers.
  • Lecturers who always remind our roles as muslims.
  • Being in the same lab as Kimah.
  • Kind and helpful lab assistants.
  • Able to meet Jalilah and Afifah on weekdays.
  • Surprise visit with food for dinner from them. (Sweet la you all ni :)
  • And, they actually invited me to eat their first hand-made meal after their first Food Preparation class.
  • Good conversation.
  • Bumping into Ummi and Taqwa in the bus.
  • Saying excitedly, "Bye Ummi! Bye Taqwa!" before going to class.
  • Bumping into Andah on Friday after class.
  • Contacting the other and we successfully managed the first gathering.
  • Feeling like returning back to old days.
  • Talking for hours. (Pakcik yg jual goreng pisang pun pelik nape lame sangat duduk kat cafe, menyemak je haha ^^)
  • Oh, and nice pakcik jual goreng pisang. (hehe..)
  • Awesome and inspiring seniors.
  • Soft and hard copy notes from seniors.
  • Campbell's Biology text book for not disappointing me. (At least, I can still study the structures and functions of cell membrane. I am not being sarcastic.)
  • Bahasa Melayu class: for the good looking lecturer. (hehe..)
  • One entire week to finish a lab report. 
  • Having two days off. (Saturday and Sunday hu~)
  • Taman Bandar (betul kan nama ni?) in front of college.
  • People who smile at me early in the morning and people who make me smile.
  • People I cannot live without.

New resolution :
I want to make sure I double the things that I am thankful for, for each that I complain about.

I just want to go home. Anyone can promise mom you will give me a safe ride?


  1. hi hi. it's so good hearing from youu :')
    thankgod you're adapting, i see. and thankgod2, your 'despite' list is shorter than the 'eternally thankful' one.
    thats a great starttt,love.
    one that strikes me most, you dont conteng2 your notes anymore? gasp! coz i still do. &it's embarassing yknow, when you pass yr notes to yr jr/frens & they see all those stuffs you wrote.....hahahhaha.

  2. homesick? *giggle* LOL!
    you really need to study aboard if you want to 'cure' your 'sick'! hehehe!

    i like to know your answer for the question : why do you choose this programme..bla3...

    which uni are you? still uia kah? i'm thinking of studying there for master. need some information from you. pliz oh!

    k..what a nice orientation week! wiii...;P
    stay funky eh!

  3. ecah!

    "She said I have to reduce my time talking and gossiping (and doing mental stuffs haha ^^)."

    haha mcm x boleh reduce..

    Oh, but she has no idea how determined am I. I do not mind climbing so many stairs and walking for miles just to meet them. ~ gerau diraja like this sooooo much!

    oh babe, you forgot to talk about your new friends;
    TOK KETUA M and the gang

    p/s;million thanks for great weekends dear... and.. this
    woa woa woa entry! =))

  4. to GalaxyDefender:

    Oh, I am talking to GalaxyDefender! Nak Petrelli boleh? hehe..
    Adapting? Of course la dear. I am matured! haha..
    Yes. I don't write nonsense things in book I used in the class anymore. Woaa! Hebat kan? hehe..
    Still do that in other books (or anywhere my hand can reach), though. Adeh. It has developed inside us la. Habit dies hard, no?
    p/s: Don't try to ignore me. This is a warning! Haha. xoxo

    to creamyfiodesi:

    How dare you making fun of me!
    Tu la, nak pegi oversea sekarang boleh? hu~
    Oh, my answer sounds like this:
    'I just go with the flow. I don't like chemistry. I flunked both my organic chem and physical chem papers. But, never mind. I will give it a second try.' Haha. Sarcastic tak? Sape suruh kakak tu tanye..
    Yeah.. in uia still. (macam retarded kan? baru 1st year lak tu, whilst you've been thinking to further in masters. haih -.-")
    Funky? Oh, sure I will. Haha. You stay rawk babeyh! :)

    to gerau diraja:

    Haha. Memang tak boleh reduce, it's not like we don't try to, right? We've done all we can but ... *sighs*
    Oh, aisyah likes gerau much more than that hehe..
    Jahat ... kite tak jumpe lagi ngan TKM tau. Kalau jumpe nanti nak suruh dye curik apple kat bilik gerau lagi. Haha.
    Thanks for the weekend too. Suke2. Hehe.
    Eh, cube tengok kite post comment ni pukul bape. Kite tido lambat tau.. wee weet >.<

  5. ecah!u really r very determined to climb the stairs just to see us sian jgk kt ecah, asek2 ecah je dtg xpe,hr tu kite dh g blik ecah 2x..ha2

    u forgot karipap as 1 of the eternally thankfuls..haha..u hv such a long list 4 that!I guess I shud write my own list too..just so that I'd b grateful 4 wat i hv here..ha3

    Pity ecah 4 the pmacy thingy..haha..i guess i wud xperience d same thing if i were asked d same question..well,i still dunno wat to answer if people ask me why i wanted to change to u know,d whole class already discovered this..worse,we DISCUSSED about it in class..adoih..we're actually under d same circumstances aren't we?huhu

    who's TKM?monyet ek?haha..i miss my kurmas..seriously,they do not even eat the kurmas! they were just wasted n were thrown away UNDER MY WINDOWS! at least go somewhere else la kalau nk campak

    oh, and who's her and another her? curious much..haha..

    uh..i hv so much to comment,but i guess i'll stop here..making way for the others to comment(mcm la affect ruangan komen ni..haha)..

    keep writing ecah..n keep climbing the stairs!ha2

  6. to jalilah:

    Yeah, you know me, right? And, I don't mind doing that for you. Hehe :) But, after this I'll make sure that you'll feel guilty for not coming to my place so frequent. Haha.
    Aah la ... lupe lak pasal karipap yg sedap tu. Hehe. It supposed to be the first thing on my list, ain't it?
    Yeah, that's it! Those monyet don't really care about the food pun. They just want to make chaos and ... flirt! Haha. Pegi la IM2 pulak, kan? Sibuk je kat sini.
    Oh, just forget about 'her' and 'another her', will you? Takde ape pun. That was just me being petty. Haha.

  7. hey you!
    it's taman tasik bandar lah!

  8. to stalker:

    Oowh okay2. I will get it right next time. Thanks :)
    You must have been there a lot of times, no?
    Oh! Are you possibly the caretaker of that tasik? *wonders*


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