July 5, 2010

bon voyage

Nothing terribly exciting to report. Just me trying to keep my head above the water and not go completely crazy day-to-day. I really have nothing I need to say at the moment, but still, I want to finish this post here.

Okay, wait ... let me see what do I have in store.






All right! Here ... My sisters gave me these things before they went back to school. 

-- They are so sweet. Aren't they? --

I think it is already time to go. So, goodbye Internet! You won't be seeing me around until, at least, early next month (I guess). Or you won't be seeing me forever. Yeah I know, parting is sad. Come here. Give me a quick cuddle. ... ... ... Okay, thanks *relieved* :) 

Look after yourself and don't get hurt, all right? Don't miss me and don't make me miss you even more. And don't make me worry about you! Okay, goodbye now. Oh wait! Come here. Cuddle me one more time. Last one. I promise. ... ... ... All right, I feel better. Thanks. Goodbye!

Urm ... I don't think I am ready for this. But it's okay, I will get through. Bye! Oh ... well ... urm ... nothing. Okay, I can do this. Goodbye then. :(

Yeah. It is that hard to let everything goes. *heavy sighs*

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