August 10, 2010

note to self

Tomorrow does not deserve to be compared to today.

People you meet do not deserve to be compared to people you know.

Just because today let you down, does not mean tomorrow is going to.

Just because someone disappoints you, does not mean the next person will too.

Tomorrow deserves a chance. Everyone you meet deserves a chance.

Pretend like today did not happen. Can I just do that?

Sign out.


  1. no..
    because you will forget me after that.
    =) and our memory ( haha geli plak)

  2. "Tomorrow deserves a chance. Everyone you meet deserves a chance."

    so...., i deserve the chance too right?
    will you accept me? ~_^

  3. to gerau:

    Don't worry, baby. I'll never forget you. Even if I am suffering from alzheimer, during which, I cannot remember anything except for one thing, and I can only think of someone but I don't know who, and I miss something but I can't tell what. Just want you to know, that's you I am thinking of. Bear this in mind because I won't say this again in the future.
    Haha. Geli tak? Geli tak?

    to stalker:

    Gedik la! Bajet comel je kan. Haha.
    Okay la. Of course I will accept you, dear. :)


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