October 1, 2010

letter #1

Dear Today,

I don't know where you are headed.

And I don't have all the answers. And everything I thought I knew or I wanted is crumbling. And you are proving me wrong about everything I used to be so sure. And still there are so many unanswered questions in my head ...

For the first time, somehow ...

... this feels absolutely okay.

I don't need to know the answers. Or where this road is headed to take one step at a time. I am not rushing ahead. Instead, I want to take every step slowly, deliberately, and carefully. Soaking up whatever in front of me as I go.

Yeah, not knowing means anything could happen. Anything really could happen. But, being at this moment right now, I don't think I want to know. I would rather be surprised. :)


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  1. not related to this post.

    thanks for the great 2 nights( confirm grammar salah)
    even, both of us kna tipu je,, 2 malam tu haha

  2. to gerau-yg-tengah-rajin-study-anat haha :

    Oh, thanks for spending me your time. Hehe. :)
    Let's call it girls' stupid day. Asek kena tipu je. Cis.


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