September 25, 2010


... Okay, while I have the time and strength, I better write down something ...

GOOD MORNING! It is already Saturday and it feels like Monday was just yesterday. Time flew so fast. Well, my sister was allowed to go home this weekend due to short water supply at her school. Sheesh ... it has been only 5 days and they were already allowed to go home.

Nak balik jugak. Hu~

I miss mom and dad already.

I miss them waking me up in the morning.

I miss talking to my sisters, and teasing them.

I miss those who always create chaos in the house.

I miss the food. Nasi lemak for breakfast.
(tak pernah lagi makan nasi lemak yg tak sedap kat rumah. TAK PERNAH)

I miss going to bed at night without worrying about the early morning class.

I miss grandma. She treats me so well.

Grandma :
Kenapa dah susut ni? (padahal tak langsung. haha ^^) Kena dera ke?
Me :
*buat muka comel* Aah ... mama ngan abah yang buat.
Grandma :
Alaa cian dia ... Meh la duduk dengan atok.
Dad :
Gemok la dia duduk dengan mak nanti.

Grandma :
Tak nak makan ke?
Mom :
Tak payah tanya dia. Dia dah makan banyak.
Me :
*buat muka comel jugak* Atok, mama buli lagi.

Ouh ... I miss to be with the family ALREADY. It has been only a week. How should I survive? Adeh. Adeh. Adeh.

... ...

To whom this may concern : Mi ahn ne :)

Sometimes I am quite irritating. I do not know why, and I am sure I could help it. But, when I irritate other people, I think it is pretty funny.

I got a text message from my sister. It said, "Hey, do you have -nameofherschoolmate-'s number in your contact list?".

I wanted to send the number immediately. But instead ... I replied, "Yes."

"Retard! Can you text me the number? Thanks :)"

I replied, "Yes. I sure can."

"Hey! Although dad pays for the credit, that still does not mean we can waste our credit just like that. Now, can you text me the number? It is urgent."

I resisted the urge to answer, "Yes" again.


  1. ecah, kalo sy pown sy bengang taw..drpd yes..bek bg je no tue!!!ecah nie, sy piat kang!!

  2. to kiblah :

    Adoi. Sakit la. Jangan la piat kite.

  3. kalu aku..aku cmpk je hp ko dlm longkang.sia2 tak reti guna hp tak reti pemahaman ayat.g blaja bm btol2

    -si senget A.haha.ko tau aku sape

  4. to anonymous aka andah :

    Haha. Andah ni short-tempered rupenye.
    Kalau kite cool je, tak kesah pun. Hehe.
    Eh? Kite eager kot dalam kelas BM.
    Bukan macam andah, BM pun tak amek.
    Takyah duduk Malaysia la, pergi duduk Rusia. =p

  5. andah kena dodok china. lol

  6. ngn org lain aku short tempered.dgn org rusia mmg no tempered la.huahua.wah2..beznyer dpt duk rusia!!!!!!!!naaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!

  7. to ucu batrisya :

    Kite cakap Russia, Russia la. Jangan degil. Haha.

    to anonymous aka andah :

    Cis. Camtu la. Andah dah tak sayang kite lagi kan? Huhu.
    Andah, DON't FLIRT! Duduk Malaysia, study rajin2. Haha :):):)


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