February 28, 2011


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Zaty, I want do your homework, but in one condition. I don't want to follow the format. Yeah, I want to screw the rules. And bend them like straws. Haha. What I am going to do is to reveal my A to Z random facts. May I? Never mind. I am doing it anyway.

A -- ADDRESS. I prefer to be addressed by name. ONLY.

B -- BREAKFAST. Milk plus honey plus oat. Yes, it is as healthy as it sounds.

C -- CRUSH. AIMAN. And Aiman alone.

by the way, this is Aiman. Handsome, right? :)

D -- DREAM. Mine is so far-fetched. *sigh*

E -- EXPRESSION. I like making weird faces.

F -- FORMALITY. I can be very casual, but can be very formal as well.

G -- GIANT. Giant is a hypermarket my family goes to. Like, seriously?

H -- HEIGHT. 15* cm. What? I am not short, okay!

I -- INTENSE DISLIKE. I (almost) never hate people. I just ignore and avoid.

J -- JAPAN. I want to fly to Japan and go shopping there.

K -- KOREA. And I want to fly to Korea, too. With the same reason as above.

L -- LAUGH. I love being around people who can make me laugh.

M -- MMM. And yes, I love being around people who I can make them laugh too.

N -- NICKNAME. People call me differently. Even in the family.

O -- OWNER OF. I don't own a single valuable asset. Don't rob me. It worth nothing.

P -- PERSON. I am exactly NOT the nicest person in the world. Of course.

Q -- QUIZ. Is not a game. Nor it is an exam. 

R -- REBEL. I can get very very very rebellious -- thus, turn to point P.

S -- SOMETIMES. I LIKE TO WRITE LIKE THIS. Andsometimeslikethistoo. Hehe.

T -- TERRIFIED. I used to be so terrified of clowns!

U -- UNIVERSE. Family and close friends mean the universe [read: world] to me.

V -- VEGETABLES. Fresh, green, and healthy. 

W -- WATCH. I am a girl. I have more than one watch and they are pretty.

X -- XENOTRANSPLANT. I know what this word means. Berlagak tak? Haha.

Y -- YOUNG. When I was younger, I really want to marry a pilot. Awww. Haha.

Z -- ZZZ. I do not prefer to sleep with unsettled issues on mind.

Spell your name without vowels.
S R H T N C R D (guess what is my name? Haha).

Your favourite number.
3 and 7.

Your favourite lesson in school.
I did not have any favourite. I love all of them just equal. -white lie-

Colour you wear most.
Black, white, blue, green. Mostly black.

Radio station you listen to.
I am not listening to the radio. What is it like?

Are you happy with your life right now?
I am trying to feel absolutely happy with it.

Are you a happy person?
I don't know.

Are you an outgoing person?
Nope. Isn't that obvious?

Who is your bestfriend?
I love it most when my friend said she feels at home being in my room. As if she is trying to say she feels comfortable to be with me. Okay tak menjawab soalan. MINUS ONE MARK.

When do you start back at school / college?
I don't get the question. NEXT.

Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?
Gosh! Is there anyone capable of doing that?

Can you whistle?
By using a whistle? Of course, my dear.

Can you walk with your toes curled?
Only weirdo can.

Do you believe in miracles?
Yes. Why not?

Do you believe in magic?
As in blackmagic? Yes, I believe they are NOT real.

Do you believe love at the first sight?
Surprisingly ... YES. Haha.

Do you know how to swim?
Nope. Why? Is that important?

Do you like roller coaster?
It depends.

What is the temperature outside?
According to my friend's phone, it is 32 degree centrigrade.

What was the last restaurant you ate at?
Disregard fastfood outlets, it was SANTAI.

What was the last thing you bought?
I shop most of the time, how should I know? Haha.

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
I know I watched something during the holiday, but I can't recall.

Who was the last person you said 'I love you' to?
Scofield -- my computer. Yeah, I give name to my computer (copying what Prongs did. Hehe)

What is your current hair colour?
What is my current ... what? I don't get you.

What are you currently wearing ... ?

1). Shirt -- 
Black Be Girl t-shirt.
2). Pants -- 
Black tracksuit.
3). Shoes -- 
Not wearing any.
4). Necklace -- 
Tak boleh cakap, nanti my dad marah. Hehe.

Have you ever been on a plane?

Have you ever asked someone out?

Have you ever been asked out by someone?
Yes. Almost all the times.

Have you ever been in the ocean?

Have you ever painted your nails?

Have you ever been in jail?

Have you ever laughed so hard until you cried?

Have you ever cried in school?
Haha. Of course.

Have you ever done something really stupid?
Something stupid -- always. Really stupid -- hardly.

Have you ever seen a dead body?
A cadaver during Anatomy practical sessions.

Pepsi or Coke?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Strawberries or blueberries?

Meat or veggies?

TV or movie?
Is there any difference? Hmm ...

Guitar or drum?
Neither nor.

Adidad or Nike?

One random thing about yourself?
I am really NOT a multi-tasker. Which means, when I was struggling on this post, I abandoned all the lecture notes and text books. Padahal ada banyak quiz minggu ni. TAK SENONOH kan?

Tag, YOU are at it!

p/s :
Cafe owner, I will do your homework later. Okay? Don't deduct my mark. Please~


  1. mmg X SENONOH! lol!
    pjg sungguh tag ini, xlarat nk mmbuatnya. hehe!

    ill wait for ur next participation.
    this time we have more competitors. haha! :D

  2. to creamyfiodesi :
    Haha. Biasa lah. Memang dari dulu camni kan.
    Oowh okay. Wait for me, will you? I'm still looking for my own sweet time to write that. And still waiting for the idea to come as well. Haha. :)


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