February 16, 2011

of today

So, before I forget, Happy Malidur Rasul everyone! :) 

Today is our beloved Prophet's birthday. I remembered when I was in junior high school, one of my friends said that the whole thing about Maulidur Rasul is bid'ah since the Prophet (pbuh) himself never celebrated on such day. I went home and told mom the whole story, to which mom said:

"It's true. It's actually bid'ah, but bid'ah hasanah. This celebration never existed until a few years after the Prophet (pbuh) had passed away because people were starting to forget him."

Thus, today is not actually about celebrating his birthday and whatnot. It is actually the day to remind us of him and all the things he had passed to us. To which I think on such day, we should not be hanging out, enjoying ourselves, laughing, and forgetting the world just because it is holiday. We should be at home with our families (or at the hostel with friends), remember what we should remember and talk what we should talk about.

I remember the time when my family and I were at the mosque with many other Muslims. We had just finished performing solat sunat Hari Raya, and after that the imam told an ironically beautiful story about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which I believe had touched so many hearts.

"After the wars and the shedding blood, Islam finally won. So everyone gathered up to celebrate the victory. The Prophet (pbuh) said to his faithful men with a smile on his face, "My job is done, we have won." Everyone cheered, except for Abu Bakar who was looking rather sad in the crowd. He knew what the Prophet (pbuh) said also meant that his purpose for Islam has completed, and that the world would not be needing him anymore -- that his time is up. It's even sadder that the Prophet (pbuh) was also aware of that. And yet, there he was, smiling sincerely without feeling a burden."

The imam started to cry. And so did many of the jemaah.

If during the other days in the whole year we are too busy to remember him, then why not we remember him today? I know this is kind of late. But ... yeah, well ... you know what I mean.

Okay, that's all for tonight. Bye. :)

p/s 1 :
Oh. It's already 10 past 12! So, when I said today, I mean, yesterday.


  1. tbe2 teringat kat dq dulu tgk vdeo syekh arab cerita psl Rasulullah..menangis2 sume.. seronok bila kita dpt mngis krn rindukan Rasulullah... rather than menangis bnd2 yg lagha... :) imy ecah!!!

  2. to asrar :
    Tu lah, hebat kan orang macam tu?
    Kan Rasulullah pernah cakap, "Berbahagialah orang yang dapat berjumpa dan beriman denganku. Dan tujuh kali lebih bahagia orang yang beriman denganku tetapi tidak pernah berjumpa denganku."

    Bukan senang nak jadi macam tu. *muhasabah mode*

    I miss you too! :)

  3. i love this, and YOU!


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