February 8, 2011

weekdays blues

Today, I finished my late-in-the-evening class at 6.30 pm. I was planning to write something tonight but I got caught up with other business. An important one. (Phew. Isn't that interesting?). Now, I did not think I could proceed my mission, because I am so tired and sleepy.




Anyhow, when I reached my room after class just now, I was so hungry, exhausted, sleepy, and ... looked ugly as well. Yeah, I have to admit that. I am ugly *silent breakdown*. Okay, enough of the drama! I am not that ugly lah. Self-esteem is very important. (Tiba tiba je cakap pasal self-esteem.)

I think, I am starting to age prematurely. The reason is, I slept at 10 pm last night, and still, I managed to be late for class this morning. How awesome is that? My defense is, I was trapped in front of the computer this morning -- trying to find the answers for yesterday's homework. Yeah, I just googled the answers (BINGO!). Googling for the answers normally takes me about 30 minutes. Today, it took me more than twice of that time.

I went out from my room exactly 15 minutes before the class started. Imagine how fast I had to walk to make sure I could safely be seated in the class before the lecturer came. (Saya jalan super laju tau. Sampai class, tengok tengok orang tak penuh pun lagi. Cis!). And amazingly, my attention span today had been cut short too. I mean, shorter than usual -- which is already short. (Cakap apa ni? Macam *****g lah. Oops.)

And so, I have drawn a conclusion. Well. A couple of them.

I should not sleep later than 12 o'clock, even during the weekend. Because my sanity for the whole week depends on my sleeping pattern on Sunday night.

Constant interaction with the computer is bad. Really bad. Especially in the morning before class when the internet connection is superb.

Procrastination is bad. Oh wait. Is it good?

Rain -- as well as cold weather -- is very much a factor for my inability to stay out of bed after 6.30 am. Now you want to blame the weather?

Milk early in the morning is a must. In fact, milk at least once a day is must.

Okay. There are more than just a couple.

p/s : Hebat tak weekdays blues? Orang lain paling hebat pun Monday blues je. Haha.


  1. x ley ckp *****g la!
    sila cakap lingke! hahaha!

    -sila bgtaw aku ko amek course apa? aku nk tukar kt entry aku...hehe! :)

  2. to creamyfiodesi:
    Haha. Okay! Tak cakap dah lepas ni. :)
    Nak tau ke kite course ape? Teka lah. Haha. Okay la, bagi hint sket.

    - we have potion class but we are not from Hogwart.
    - we produce elixirs but we are not alchemists.
    - we are not interested in blockbuster thingy other than vioxx. Haha.
    - we are nice people and we are REALLY nice. Hahaha.

    Guess who we are? Haa. Jawab2. :) :) :)

  3. pharmacist?
    microbiology expert?

    amende wei?! betul x salah 1 yg aku teka kt ats nih??? :)

  4. to creamyfiodesi:
    Minus three marks untuk Trex. Semua jawapan adalah salah. Haha.
    Mirobiology expert? WOW, apa tu? Haha.

    Jawapannya : We are just pharmacy students. Not yet a pharmacist.

  5. ceh pharmacist tu pharmacy student to-be la..
    ade ke bg aku minus! *geleng kepala*

    oh ye, aku pnggil sume org yg blaja brkaitan ubat2 nih - doctor! hahhaaha!

  6. to creamyfiodesi :
    Eh? Wait. Wait. I am so confused.
    Pharmacist = pharmacy student to be?
    Pharmacy student = pharmacist to be. Ain't it? Hehe. :)
    Oh dear. That's a big misconception. Bukan semua orang yang belajar pasal ubat doktor tau. Hehe. :)


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