April 7, 2011


Have you had a very nerdy dream ever in your life? Well ... I had yesterday. And now I realized how nerdy am I for having that kind of dream.

The dream would not occur without any reason. Before I accidentally closed my eyes, I was actually waiting for the water to boil in the kettle. While waiting, I opened this blue secular text book, and looked over the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome (which was not included in the question this morning). And before I realized ... I dived to the underworld dream.

I the dream, I was a doctor, apparently. In a very busy hospital. All of a sudden, three patients were admitted to the hospital with some kind of rare diseases. Surprisingly, they were blood-related. Brother, sister, and mother may be?

But it came to my dream that I was assigned to diagnose their diseases, which I thought, "This is very cool." So, I went to the patients with some other people I knew from the college and we came up with different speculations and ideas.

Then, the next setting of the dream was we were in a consultation room with a renowned professor, who apparently the X-Files detective guy a.k.a Agent Fox (woah!). He showed us the old diagnostic tool book written in German and French. And we had no idea how to translate those.

Oh, I missed watching the X-Files while I was young.

And I found Maryam and Syahirah -- classmates from the high school, in the same hospital. I was so excited. But before I greet them, I woke up by the voice of my roommate saying, "Hey, bangun bangun. Baca ni (showing her lecture notes). Diorang cakap yang ni masuk exam."


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By the way, do you know what I did to maximize my sleep?

(1). I sleep at 1.30 am.

(2). Set my alarm at 2.30 am.

(3). And another one at 5.30 am. 

The purpose of 2.30 am alarm is so that I will wake up and realize I still have an ENTIRE THREE HOURS MORE to sleep. So when I wake up, I feel as though I have slept for a very long time. And therefore, well rested. Not really! kecewadengandirisendiridushdush =.="

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Enough lah. Esok ada paper. Tolong sedar diri sket, okay?


  1. hahaha..lawak la echah nie..rindu echah..all the best echah..=)

  2. to taqwa :
    Rindu Taqwa jugak. uwaa nak nanges. Thank you Taqwa. Best of luck for your PRO EXAM! (perlu ke caps lock? mesti la perlu. haha) Tak sabar nak tengok Taqwa pakai uniform baru. :)

    p/s: Oh, baru tau kenapa awak gelak2 time nampak kite ngan Nisah jalan nak pergi cafe hari tu! Kenapa tak cakap awal2? Kalau tak boleh join gelakkan Nisah. Haha.


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