April 14, 2011

draft #3

Title : I am sick.

How old are you? If you were once my classmate in schools, or you are someone from my college, or you have been to college and currently in college, you should be 21 or above. So, please proceed.

Are you an open minded person? A person who will think before you comment on something? If YES, then you may proceed. If NO, you can stop here. I don't want you to end up cursing your computer screen.

So, have you registered for national election? If YES, good. If NO, well ... there is always next time. InsyaAllah.

What kind of introduction is that? Haha.


This is what I do when I do not have anything particularly interesting to talk about -- I read news. News in Malaysia are discreetly annoying. For me, at least. I hate watching news on TV. Not that because the newscasters do not have style or anything like that. Not at all.

So, in case if you do not know, Malaysia is now open to dirty [read : porn] politics. Oops! All you got to do to be famous is to be a recorder. Or to be the mysterious group of people who would later do the screening for the scenes in any particular video. It is not illegal -- according to what is happening right now lah. Do not worry. No arrest has been made regarding the issue. 

Quoting Minister Kit Siang, "Two questions now uppermost in the minds of all right-thinking Malaysians are: why the polices have not yet arrested the trio of 'Datuk T', namely Rahim, Shazryl, and Shuib for various crimes including Section 292 of the Penal Code for the 'publicly exhibiting any obscene or pornographic material' liable to jail term of three years? Or Section 5(1) of the Film Censorship Act 2002 where they are liable to be fined up to RM 50 000, or jail up to five years, or both?"

What should we do, people? Should we lodge a police report and send them to the jail? SHOULD WE? No. The government said, NO. Because the government loves those kind of people more than the government loves us. WHY? Because that is how they rule. THEY LOVE EVERYTHING especially those who work with them to attack the opposition.

Doesn't it irk you when all they think about is plotting against the opposition and not to think thoroughly, and thus bringing the nation into the hall of shame? And they still have better things to do such as improving the country, or helping the poor, or brain-storming about restructuring our education system, or anything more educational and beneficial for the people of the country. Right?

Oh, wait. They are not brilliant to come out with such things. I see.

And I think I am beginning to understand why our country is 100 years behind developed countries. Well, easy answer. Corruption among leaders, for a start, and the mentality of the society. Not pointing fingers at anyone. Just generally. Everything in this country is corrupted. From the government people to the non-government people.

First of all, why can't we have a crime lab to solve all these unsolved cases? For sure, I watch CSI and I know US is not any better either. But at least they have an awesome lab. Awesome labs make works finish faster. Are we okay here? Good. Aside from lab, we need people who actually brilliant to work in the lab. And people who are not controlled by the superior.

For me, polices and those who work to prevent the crimes SHOULD BE FREE FROM ANY POLITICAL INFLUENCE. So they will not be bought to manipulate the case or something. Or to stupidly ask for new DNA sample. Like, seriously? DNA is not changing in forever (unless you are a mutant and weird mutations occur in your body, of course). I know, nowhere is perfect. Not even Japan, US, Germany, Canada, or any other awesome countries.

To have advanced crime labs is too much to ask for, I guess. But I still want to make a change. And if that is still too much to ask, then I think I have to be a better person and do something for the future generation. So I hope all these craps and dramas will end soon enough to make way for other chronicle dramas. This dirty [read : porn] politics is way too boring.

OH. Message not delivered, I see. I cannot talk too much. Well, this is a public place. I am afraid I will get killed for writing something stupid. So, I shall stop.

THINK people. THINK! Use your brain. DO NOT BRING YOURSELVES DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL. I know some of us are. But, please try to be as rational as you could be.

Written on :
8th March 2011


  1. ...n kids nowadays are so genius, reading newspaper everyday, n this dirty things get in their minds. *sigh*

    oh.. Tahun Meliwat Malaysia! come people around the world, please visit Malaysia!

  2. to creamyfiodesi :
    Tu la. That is so worrying, right? Kalau tak baca paper pun, there are a lot more reachable sources out there. =.='


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