April 20, 2011

draft #4

Title : Hate

There is an old Malay gentleman who lives in my neighbourhood. He is always very charming and complimentary to me (to everyone actually). And he just seems to say what he thinks in one of those I-am-old-I-can-say-what-I-like sort of ways. And to the point where I never can see him in the street without smiling. You want examples?

Example 1:

I was standing near the garage, waiting for dad to turn up when he walked pass.

OMG = Old Malay Gentelman

Oh, lady. Are you being paid to stand there?

Me -.-:
*Wondering if I've been mistaken* Urm? No. Why?

I thought you were perhaps being paid to make the street look more attractive?

Me -.-:
Oh. I am just waiting for my dad actually.

*Appreciatively* Lucky dad.

Example 2:

As my sister and I were walking behind him up the street. He turned and looked at us.

Me -.-:
*Politely smiles* Err ...

Oh, this street is full of beautiful women.

*Stupidly* Err ... was that a compliment?

Why? Of course. You both are very pretty.

Urm ... thanks. *Laughed awkwardly and walked pass him*

Nice view from the back as well.
*My sister and I looked at each other and made faces*

You think I joke? I do not. He is such a pervert. Hey, watch your word! Okay okay. He is not a pervert. He is an unacceptable friendly man. The things he said were sometimes not very nice to be said to a decent girl, but he got away with it. Perhaps because he is a harmless old man. It is amazing what an old people can get away with, isn't it? 

Oh. Last few weeks I attended this wedding reception of my cousin. Everything was nice until the moment an uncle came to our table and started snapping our pictures. We were all kind of acting cool at first but we could not take it after some times. He snapped our pictures from all different angles. It was quite bothering. Really.

The thing was, he did not take pictures of the aunties, nor the uncles, and not even the boys. He took the pictures of us, the girls (saya bukan nak perasan, okay?). And he placed his big camera right in front of our nose. And he waited until we look at the camera. The girls (cousins, sisters, and me) were totally annoyed with that man. Our parents were there, at the very same table, okay? WHERE'S HIS MANNER?

After performing Zohor prayer, we kind of had nothing to do, so we were just lingering around my aunt who was busy passing around the goodies for her guests. All we did were sitting there, chatting among cousins, helping the aunt to take out the goodies from the boxes. Mostly just sitting, chatting, looking at the people -- and yeah, giving some comments on their appearance.

And everything turned dark when suddenly the previous uncle came and kept bugging us for some pictures. His expensive camera was stuck real close in front of our faces and we kept turning our faces to avoid it. For some reasons, this weird man ran after our pictures as if he is going to lose his lifetime job if he fails to obtain them. Such a weird and annoying man!

But, wasn't he afraid of us? Seriously. I mean, we were just some decent little girls who will, in no time, report his violence to our parents, and the parents will accuse him on harassment, and he will be dragged to the court. And may be spend a few months being locked up, and he needs someone to bail him from the jail, which that someone happens to be a person who is really into money, and it costs him a fortune. See. It is a long story to begin with.

This is a serious opinion.

People think I am joking when I say, "You should pay me to take my picture." 

Well ... I AM NOT. Not really, anyway. But seriously, so many people are into photography lately. And these people go around snapping pictures of random people at random moments. And one of these random people at random moments happens to be me. I would not be all huffy about it. EXCEPT. Because these people just proceed to post the pictures on their social networking websites. Do not tell me you are giving me free publicity. Do you think I need that kind of publicity?

written on :
7th December 2010

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p/s : asek post draft [read : cerita basi] je. nampak sangat pemalas. haha.


  1. Ewwwwwwww,seyesly. Awk jgn jln sorang2, org mcm tu ade kat mane2 je..xkesah la tua ke ape ke. Gross, okay, gross.

    Hmmm. That photographer tu, mmg annoying. Reminds me of this site http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ (check it out1)
    Tapi at least he's a renowned photographer ;)

    take care1
    hahaha ada bape baris lagi draft ni? bring them onnnn! :D

  2. tu photographer x professional dan x beretika.....

  3. waa..kak ecah ada peminat..hii~~

  4. ey ape ni citer trgantung!
    apa reason die amek pic korg?
    korg xde tegur die ke ape maslh die amek pic korg?

  5. to Maryam Hadi:
    Yeah. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Oh, don't worry. I won't darling. Nak turun rumah sorang sorang pun takut tau (takut ngan pakcik potong rumput. haha).

    I have a squad of drafts in store. Tapi kena tapis dulu before post kat sini. Some of them are not reliable anymore. Hehe.

    ALRITE. You take care jugak darling. :) xoxo

    to Mohd Naqib bin Mazlan:
    Memang unethical pun orang tu. Photographer ke? Ntah ntah dia yg lantik diri sendiri jadi photographer. OH btw. Hye orang baru! :) Hehe.

    to Cik NurulZaty:
    Eh, bukan la. Dia pakcik tau. Tapi pakcik yg tak reti nak behave la. Haha.

    to creamyfiodesi:
    Haha. Kite memang saje nak suruh Trex buat conclusion sendiri pun. Ntah, tak tau ape masalah dia. Tak tegur pun tapi semua orang dah buat muka and avoid camera dia. Takkan la tak faham. ISY. Takpe la, lepas ni takkan jumpa dia dah kot. Saje mengungkit cerita lama. Haha.


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