April 30, 2011


Do you know Haja from RAVE? Of course you don't. Well, he has the power of unlimited magic pool, called Infinity. He can cast as much magic as he wants without worrying his magic pool depleted.


But that is not the point because I do not like Haja anyway.

You have no life.

A bit abrupt. Transition. Zero.

I am one of the people (or maybe the only one) who are anti with those words. I do not refer to those who have no life. I refer to those who said those words. I once told this to a friend, which later ended up ignoring me. Haha. Whatever.

First of all, you have no right to say, "You have no life". No life means death and I do not want to elaborate more about it.

Then, you cannot say he/she has no life just because he/she does not always hang out with you or with your group. Let say if I decided to stay at home (which is true), you definitely cannot say I have no life. The mere fact is, I have my own personal reason behind. The same thing applies to everyone in the world.

If an anonymous goes to the library everyday, night and day, please do not say he/she has no life. If a friend loves to play computer game, or window-shopping, or doing homework, please do not say he/she has no life. Passion is what drives us everyday. And the only thing that can fulfill our life satisfaction is of course, our passion.

Okay, itu sahaja tazkirah untuk hari ini.

Oh, I actually feel good that my semester went unpredictably tolerable. But I think I was the most miserable person during that semester. Never mind. I do not know my potential anyway. Whatshouldido? :( Tak nak check result boleh?


  1. I'm reserving my comment spot, too. Hehe :D


    haha *hides behind the couch*
    Dear, I'm kidding!

    People speculates. Bila kuar jalan sorang2, I'm a loser, I have no friends,noboby wants anything to do with me. WHAT IF, I'm doing that b'cos I dont want ya pestering at me all the friggin seconds when I'm having inner battle wif myself, contemplating, 'hmmm nak beli ke tak seluar ni...kaler purple..cantek..tp bila nk pakai nyer..ish'

    okay tiba2 emo, and offtopic pulak =) bahaha.

    ps/ Pi la check result, best what, the adrenaline rush. haha.

  3. to Maryam H:
    Isy. Memang nak kena rotan ni! Hehe.
    Tu la, orang macam tu memang selalu buat kite emo pun. Let's avoid them! Haha.

    Dear, after hundreds of experiences in checking the results (which is not really hundreds. not even tens), I know they are impossible to read. So why bother? The transcript would be revealed in a matter of seconds anyway. And then, that's it. Malas dah nak layan adrenaline rush. Hehe.


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