May 19, 2011

fly me to the moon (pt. 1)

So yeah, for those who have no idea what I have been through earlier this month, I went to Kota Kinabalu with my other eight classmates. Namely, Tiqah, Ewa, Aina, Kimah, Beeb, Hajar, Nisah, and Piqah. They are AWESOME!

Let me introduce you to our awesome crew!

Programme Coordinator.

Beeb -- Programme Manager & Co-Pilot 1.
Kimah -- Assistant Programme Manager & Pilot 1.
Ecah -- Survey Unit & Pilot 2.
Tiqah -- Survey Unit & Co-Pilot 2 / Pilot 3.
Ewa -- Publication Unit (Photographer) & Cabin Attendance.
Aina -- Promotion Unit & Cabin Attendance.
Hajar -- Refreshment Unit & Cabin Attendance.
Nisah -- Secretary & Cabin Attendance.
Piqah --Welfare Unit (Car maintainer) & Cabin Attendance. 

Pilot 1 is a skilled driver. Experienced in driving from Kuantan-KL, Kuantan-Kelantan, ALONE. Pilot 2 is not a competent driver. Experienced in driving 5 km radius from house. But I am glad to announce that Pilot 2 is assisted by the most excellent Co-Pilot in history, and the most exemplary Cabin Attendances among all the airline companies worldwide.

Day 1 -- 8th May 2011

YEAH, we are going to KK! We are not going to climb the mount, of course. But we are definitely going there to meet the mount. We took off from LCCT around 9.00 am. The plane was flying beside the rising sun!

Arrived KKIA Terminal 2 around 12.30 pm. Went to KKIA Terminal 1 with Kimah and Beeb to take rented cars. Went back to KKIA Terminal 2 to fetch the other 6 girls. Off to Kudat.

Don't be bothered by how far we need to travel, 
we are going there anyway!

Click the image for better resolution.

We went to Kudat Golf & Marina Resort which is situated about two and a half hour from Kota Kinabalu Town. Or is it more? I am not so sure since I did not really aware of the time during the travel. But it seems to me like we took more than five hours to get there.

Journey to Kudat was quite adventurous, I could say. The roads were narrow, and there were a lot of cracks. Some sunk about one feet depth -- I think, I did not really measure it. And landslides (or signs of landslides) were all over the place along the road. How scary was that!

Reached the resort at about 5.00 pm or so. Checked in. Snapped a few pictures. Ready to travel to the Tip of Borneo located at Simpang Mengayau. With the help of GPS, the last thing on our mind was to lost the track. But we did lost our track on the very first day.

The culprit.

Why? Because ... this sign board was taken down that evening. So, instead of taking a right turn, we did confidently go straight. And luckily the GPS immediately realized our mistake.

It was seriously the bumpiest ride I ever had. The roads were no properly tarred and the GPS somehow brought us to the most remote area of Sabah. We were surrounded by thick rainforest. No single vehicle could be seen, no single proper house was in view. Everything was surreal, dark, and eerie.

Being at that part of the world, at the exact moment, you could only wish that you were not in a scary movie -- where your car will suddenly break down while you have no access to the outside world at all. After some times, everyone started to show worried faces and so we decided to cancel the trip that evening. 

Went to the town of Kudat -- where dogs are one of the major inhabitants. Bought some foods and drinks. Got thrilled by the dogs on our way back to the car. Lari lari dengan cuak, masuk kereta cepat cepat. Off to the resort safely. Alhamdulillah. :)

Having some refreshments. Making a complaint about the malfunctioning air-conditioner. Requesting for ironing board, baldi and gayung. Haha. Watching TV. Off to the La La Land. Good night everybody! :) END OF DAY 1.

Oh, this journal (sort of) will be posted in phases (tiru ayat Ewa. hehe). I will post brief story of Day 2 until Day 5 later. Okay? And when I said later, it means next week, or next two weeks, or next month. It depends. Haha.

See you in fly me to the moon (part 2), okay? :)


  1. woaaa! x aci!

    (salam ziarah..the last time sy ziarah x bgi salam pon..maaf)

  2. oh nooo, later means esk la ecah oi
    plezz....begging ni

  3. cik tiqah comelMay 20, 2011 1:39 PM

    whoaaaaa.ade part yang miss.*astro is everywhere* haha!

  4. Jauhnya awak semua membawa diri. Nanti saye bwk awk makan2 sedap bila dah bergaji kekkeke :) Love ya <3.

  5. to Mohd Naqib bin Mazlan :
    Hehe. Pergi la jugak. Cuti lama lagi kan. :)

    to nurul hakimah :
    Huargh! Dah malas la nak tulis. Awak sambung boleh? Nanti kite link kan kat blog awak. Hehe.

    to cik tiqah comel :
    Aah la. Lupa nak cakap pasal tu. Nanti la, kalau rajin kite edit semula. KALAU rajin la. Haha.

    to Maryam H :
    Awak bawak means awak belanja sekali la kan? YEAYYYYY! Hehe. Awak ni memang baik sangat sangat la. Seriously. :) :) :)
    Love you too! xoxo

  6. ad sape2 bwk blk kuih cincin?;p

  7. ecah daki gunung? xcaye! xcaye! (shake head to the left to the right. haha)

    wahh! travel permpuan je? sewa kete lak tu! best2! nak wat gak r nnti. walaupun travel dlm mesia ni agak mnggerunkan. hehe. :D

  8. to Nur Raihanah :
    Ade! Beeb beli paling banyak. Tapi abes dah kot. Hehe. :)

    to creamyfiodesi :
    Eleh, tak percaya sudah. Haha. Aah, perempuan je la. Kitorang survivals tau. Tak nak la bawak budak lelaki, renyah. Haha. Haa, buat la macam kitorang. BEST! :)


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