May 20, 2011

fly me to the moon (pt. 2)

fly me to the moon (part 1).

Day 2 -- 9th May 2011.

Woke up early in the morning! 5.00 am. Okay, I repeat. WE WOKE UP AT 5! Haha. We had to catch up with Subuh prayer, actually. But that was still a big achievement, right? Because back at home, to wake up at 6.00 am can be considered as early. And rising at 6 is still a good shot to impress mum and dad for the whole day.

Heading to the Tip of Borneo. Yes, again. It took us about an hour to get there (jangan percaya! tak ingat lansung pun sebenarnya. haha). The surroundings still looked scary even under the bright sun. To our surprise, the place we were going to go was too far from the point where we decided to cancel our trip.

"Jauhnya tempat ni. Nasib baik kita cancel pergi semalam." said Girl 1.
"Tu la. Rasional jugak kita ni rupanya." said Girl 2.

And finally ... Tadaa! We were there!

Do not reveal too much. That's the rule. Hehe. 

Then, off we go to Kundasang. It was a long winding road going up. There was a small section of the roads which showed signs of soil erosion. Everybody was praying hard for a safe trip to and fro this journey. The air became more and more foggy as we drove higher. The weather was so cool and refreshing. Nice ... :)

We went straight forward to J. Residence -- the place we were going to spend our night at. It was a brilliant choice! Place was awesome. View from the window was awesome. Accommodation was awesome. Neighbourhood  was awesome -- I will come to this part, don't worry. Yeah, everything was awesome. EXCEPT for the shower. Of course.

Done unloading our luggages from the car, we headed to Mount Kinabalu Park located just a few minutes (or is it a few seconds?) away from J. Residence. Passed by the Mount Kinabalu headquarters -- where you would register if you want to climb the mount. We arrived at the park when the sky had turned dark. So, we could only spend a few moments there.

Everybody was hungry to death, obviously. Cold weather is a good stimulant for our hungerstat (instead of thermostat). PROVEN. So we looked for any available Halal restaurant. On the way back, we got stuck because of the traffic. No, not really. We got stuck because we had to follow a lorry with the speed of 20 km/h! =.='

Oh, by the way. This is Kundasang. Please welcome! :)

Favourite snap of the day! Haha.
 Kundasang is under construction.

And this is J. Residence! :)

Nampak tak yang kat belakang tu? That is the shower.

Well. Here, we did not need functioning air-conditioner at all. The temperature could reach down to 16 degree centigrade at night. Everybody was so reluctant to shower. We enjoyed diving under the comforter instead. I fell asleep while waiting for my turn and been awaken by Ewa only when everybody was ready to have a good sleep until morning.

Reluctantly, I entered the shower. Accompanied by the dark night and the sound of faunas from the jungle nearby. Then, after a few seconds, I started hearing cries of baby. I was like, 'Oh sheesh! Why am I imagining things at this particular moment?' Cepat cepat gosok gigi & basuh muka. Lepas tu cepat cepat keluar. Haha.

Me :
Scary la. Kenapa dengar macam baby nangis ni?

Aina :
Memang ada baby la kat sebelah ni.

Me :
Oowh. Yeke? Ingatkan bunyi apa tadi.

Aina :
Aah. Takde apa la. Pergi la mandi.

Me :
Tak nak la. Takut. Hehe.

FINE. Saya memang penakut pun. Lepas tu terus je tidur. Haha. Okay, END OF DAY 2.

Will be continued. PROMISE. :)

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