May 25, 2011

letter #3

Dear you.

You must be strong for yourself. Do not expect other people to be the arm for you to hold on to. Because that arm is going to get tired after a while. And when that arm lets you go, you fall. You FALL HARD and it hurts you even more. The cuts are deeper and the scars remain.

Now. Since you have fallen, do not stay on the ground too long. Or to wait for someone to pick you up again. You wipe those tears and you pick yourself up. I know you are fragile. But you are not that easily broken, right?

me. :)


  1. to gerau :
    Apa tu? Kite bukan orang tamadun Mesopotamia tau. I don't speak symbols. :)


. snape's potion class : in memories . :'(

. dumbledore's army .