June 23, 2011

marine biology

Shame on me. Due to irrelevant content of this post, I might remove it later. Or might not.

Hello people. My name is aisyah. And my favourite colour is blue. I love blue because it is so tranquil and refreshing. Some people might hate my blog because I designed it in blue. You see, once I started to colour with blue, all of the features -- title, links, and boxes, all of them will be blue. I wanted to avoid unfortunate things -- I did not want people to hate blue just because of my all-blue blog. But I never succeed.

Hello people. My name is aisyah. And I love everything with blue. Once I saw people wearing blue, I was so jealous! Never mind. When I was in high school, I had a blue pencil case. The worst thing is, everything inside the pencil case was blue in colour. Pencils, erasers, pens, sharperner, and even ruler. I was more than excited when the school asked the girls to use blue bedspread and blanket when I was in form 5.

Hello people. My name is aisyah. And I am so much in love with blue. I love the view from my window because the building opposite to my room is painted blue. I chose Celcom over Maxis because Celcom's theme colour inspired me (apakah jenis statement?). I once wished to pursue studies in Marine Biology. I love it most when the sky is bright and blue. Just like this morning. :)

Hello people. My name is aisyah. And today, I explored a website describing about people with blue personality, and here we go!


Blue is an emotional colour. Blue stay inside themselves and do not trust people very much. They watch every move others make. Pale shades of blue show someone who wants everything in order. Their closet is immaculate. As blue moves to the deeper end of colour, it becomes more moody and shows it.

People who prefer this colour usually use their emotions to make decisions. They are also very affected by the moods of those around them. They sometimes expect you to feel down whenever they are. Showing sign of co-dependency, they need you to be by their side, experiencing their feeling.

Oh, wow! Funya funya.

Okay, let me start this again.

Hello people. My name is aisyah. And I love GREEEEEENNN! I love to eat vegetables. A lot. And I love to see them in my plate. They have crunchy and tender textures. I like them so much! I must eat them everyday. Or else, I would rather die. And today, I explored a website describing about people with green personality, and here we go!


Green is the colour of healing. Green wants to help everyone. These people can usually be found in medical profession or some occupations which help people. Preferring to watch rather than to become involved in others business, they usually keep their thoughts secret. Others see them as good listeners because of this quality. This characteristic makes them wonderful counselors.

Greens make others feel at home in their house by putting them at ease immediately. They try to take care of others and they want harmony in every one's life. Greens make the best of friends because they are jovial, caring and can keep a secret.

In order for Greens to feel good about themselves, they have to be helping someone or something. Nurturers by choice, they are the ones who take care of other people, animals and plants.

People, trust me. I am really a green person. :) So, if you are agree with this, please tell me all of your secrets. I am so honoured to keep everything faithfully. Hahaha. And I am a good counselor too, remember? Hahaha.

Wait. I am supposed to be serious. 


  1. akk blue person??hi-5!!!hehe..tp not everything is parallel w me..

  2. to Nur Raihanah :
    Yeah. Hi five! :) Oh, ni generalization kot. Mesti la bukan semua blue person macam ni. Hehe.

  3. kejap biru,,kejap ijau
    apekah itu..?
    tau2. macam keling..ehehe

  4. ooops! jangan sya wasangke dekat orang laen ok..hehe
    nabihah yg comment:)


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