June 28, 2011


I will not be chasing anymore. Because at this point, my strength to run ends here. I am done trying to get one's attention, when getting Allah's attention should have been my first priority since the very beginning.

Why didn't I become conscious of this earlier? But knowing this, I have finally realized, Allah has chosen me among those who are blessed. And therefore, I am eternally grateful.

Oh Most Merciful,
Forgive me and the people I love.
Save me and the people I love.
Protect me and the people I love.
Shelter me and the people I love.
Don't abandon me and the people I love.
Please bring us together into Your paradise.

Oh Allah, I rise up in the morning with the blessing, strength, and protection, all of which You have bestowed upon me. Complete Your blessing, the strength (You bestowed upon me), and Your protection for me in this life and the hereafter.

Oh Allah, words have left me. Things I am, and I will be, yearning from You are beyond words and expressions. Therefore, do not leave me on my own. Because even if You leave with all the world and its content, I am still so helpless without You.

Oh Allah, thank you for all the blessings. 

Alhamdulillah. :)

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