July 3, 2011

1 vs 27

I have a question.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you were already prepared to pray, and then came another person -- who was also about to pray, and suddenly there was like an awkward moment when both of you (or maybe only you) were thinking whether or not both of you pray together. But then, you ended up praying alone instead?

It is such a long question. Haha. But seriously, have you ever been in such situation?

I have. Countless of time, in fact. And I am supposed to regret every moment of it, am I not?

27 is obviously better than 1. And you just have five chances for that in a day. I, honestly, am not a very patient person. I hate waiting. Waiting makes me cranky -- especially early in the morning when I just wake up from a deep sleep. This is one of the major reason why I do not usually pray in jemaah for Subuh prayer. A part from waking up late, of course.

When I was in this institution, my roommate and I used to pray together. Almost everyday. Almost five times daily. And we did it especially for Maghrib and Isyak prayer. I treasure every minute of that, and I miss it so badly. When one of us went to the bathroom to take wudhu', the other person would also rush to take wudhu' so that no one was left out for jemaah prayer.

It became a habit. A routine. It came to a point where there was a hint of guilt when you were praying alone without asking your roommate to join you. Sometimes, friends from other rooms would knock the door asking us to pray with them. It was so impressive how people, back then, were so committed in jemaah prayer, even it wasn't made compulsory for us to do so.

Unfortunately for me, all the habits disappeared just like that when I registered in this new institution. One of the reason is because we can hardly find our sweet moment where everyone is in the room to pray together. We can only see each other in the room after classes -- the earliest is at 5.30 pm. Well, this is just an excuse. Bigger reason is, of course, no one ask for it. And everyone is so reluctant to ask first.

I guess, the feel with the people you are used to pray together is different as compared to the people you are not used to -- especially strangers you meet in the mosque somewhere during your travel. There is like a sense of fear to start asking whether or not the other person wants to pray together with you.

I don't know why. And I have to get rid of that feeling. I know. I have to start somewhere, right? And make it a habit.


Do pray in jemaah whenever you have the chance. Allah sayang orang yang solat jemaah more than orang yang solat sendiri. :) That's why He rewards them 27 times better.

In order to be consistent in doing good, you cannot do it all alone. You must have a companion. So that, kalau tiba tiba rasa futur, ada orang yang akan remind. :)

Mingle around with good people -- those who make you do a lot of self-reflections. Your friends will shape your attitude in a way or another.

The very first move can be real hard. So, force yourself! Or else you will never start doing anything. Mujahadah itu penting. :)

Dan barang siapa yang bermujahadah (untuk mendapat keredhaan Allah), Allah akan menunjukkan mereka jalan jalanNya. Sesungguhnya Allah bersama dengan orang orang yang berbuat baik. [Al Ankabut : 69]

Last word, as well as a self-reminder jugak, JOM SOLAT JEMAAH! :)

Editted :// Bak kata Anwar Hadi, ramai je orang yang lagi nak buat sesuatu benda tu kalau kita ditawarkan ganjaran 27 kali ganda daripada biasa. Kalau Big Apple buat promotion buy 1 free 26, cepat je orang nak pergi kan? So, kalau kawan ajak solat jemaah tu, jangan la tolak. Tak rugi pun. :)

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Hmm well ... I involved in a tragic incident a few days back. I will not talk about it, nor do I want to fill in any detail. Aaaaaaaaaaand I am starting to think that yellow is now my utmost unlucky colour. Oh, I am still going to wear that yellow blouse though. Yeah, I will fight that ridiculous superstitious of mine. Haha.

But. Mister, you might think that I am a coward girl who will not be joining nor participating anything like that upon being threatened by you and your boys. Do not worry because I won't. But I am supporting it anyway. So what?

And Mister, I don't like your boys. And you, too.

p/s :
menyampah je tengok iklan yang dekat RTM tu. Ooooops. tak baik eh cakap macam ni?


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  2. itulah salah satu kelemahan compartment kan ecah... kat cfs dulu roomate solat takkan kita nak duduk tgk je, mesti la join....
    solat jemaah la buat kita salam roomate kita pastu cium pipi n mintak maaf tiap2 hari, kat kuantan ................. ???
    lemah tul iman kita...

    saya sokong bersih!!!!!
    sy pun nyampah ngan iklan tu.......

    miss u

  3. to nurul hakimah :
    Tu la, memang banyak disadvantages pun bilik ada compartment ni. But, it should not be a problem, right? Hmm, kite (I mean, ME) la tu yang lemah iman. *heavy sigh*

    Hahaha. Memang menyampah kan? First time tengok pun terus rasa macam nak boikot RTM. Amende ntah diorang ni. (ni kira mengumpat tak? RTM bukan orang pun kan?)


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