July 12, 2011

fly me to ISS

Yeah. Meet me again in the fly me to somewhere series. Haha.

Last week, I attended an event which, according to the organizer, mimicked a Noble Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany. It provided a way for senior professors to pass on advice and inspiration to students in various fields of science.

Over the span of almost three days, the participants, attended some rewarding and enjoyable events, both social and formal. To avoid undue length of writing, I will just highlight a few of them.

There were talks and discussions which gave excellent advice about pursuing scientific research. The speakers were sharing their passions and experiences at conducting experiments and researches. All the sessions had, undoubtedly, inspired and motivated us to do more.

Quoted from one of the mentors, "In science, when you are studying everything about just one thing, sometimes it is easy to get lost in small details and to forget the bigger picture. A step back and a fresh perspective often bring the best solution -- look at the forest, not only the tree." Whatever does it mean.

The event was not all about academic experience, but also a great social experience. We were enjoying an evening cruise ride with the Fellows of Akademi Sains Malaysia and having very close conversations with them. The air was buzzing with excitement.

Later at night, we were having a dinner as well as a launching ceremony for the event. Explorace during the very last day was quite a bonding event when we were put together in a group of 12 with complete strangers (at least for me).

Checkpoints for the explorace were scattered all over the campus (and the campus was so hot). Tasks given covered every discipline of science. It ranged from the athletic thingy, to the basic science, to the healthcare, to general knowledge, to general skills, and so on. You name it.

There was one checkpoint where we were given a task to build 3D molecular structure of two organic compounds. So, my graduated-from-UTM's-chemical-engineering groupmate professionally drew the linear structure of the compounds on a piece of paper.

Me, feeling a little bit familiar with the compounds immediately picked the plastic models up to build up the structure. And the moment I touched the models kit, everyone (not really everyone actually) was woowed and woahed. I was like, "Hahaha. People, if you have been taking Organic Chemistry for two consecutive semesters, you surely can do this better."

YEAH. While you are not good at one thing, does not mean you cannot impress others at all. But, of course, you will feel like you are impressing people by practically doing nothing. Haha.

So, that's to report. Overall, the event was excellent!

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Oh, well ... Last night, there was a taalim after Maghrib prayer. The Imam reminded the jemaah on how the world (or people in the world) is now losing its true value. Semuanya dah tunggang terbalik.

People are only thinking of what they deem as their rights. In fact, some groups of people are fighting for their rights -- while what they think as their rights, are actually NOT. To the extend, people are now listing down all the rights they could possibly think of.

Husbands are claiming their rights as a leader in family. Wives are claiming their rights from the husbands. Children are claiming their rights from the parents. Employees are claiming their rights from the employers. Men are claiming their rights as a man. Women are claiming their rights for equality between males and females.

Let us do some self-evaluations. Is that true? Is that how we are supposed, and we are taught, to do?

Sedangkan, said the Imam, Rasulullah (pbuh) and his companions had shown us the good example. What we are supposed to think, is not our rights from other people. Instead, what are their rights on us, and what kind of things we should do and fulfill for them.

People, during Rasulullah (pbuh) and sahabah time, would not be at ease if their neighbours had not enough food. The leader drew a clear line to distinguish between his properties and his people's. Harta kerajaan is still harta kerajaan, harta rakyat is still harta rakyat.

Ada satu masa, khalifah nak bahagi bahagikan duit zakat untuk golongan faqir and miskin. Listed among the names was one of his gabenor in one country. Upon receiving that money, the gabenor immediately gave it all to the orphans. Because he knew that they needed the money more than him.

No wonder they could raise such an excellent and established khilafah.

Tapi sekarang, nak cari pemimpin yang memikirkan kerunsingan orang lain lebih daripada diri sendiri sangat susah. Memang ada. Tapi sangat sedikit. Pemimpin semua kaya, while rakyat yang miskin makin lama makin miskin.

Nak cari jiran yang memikirkan kerunsingan jiran lain lebih daripada keluarga sendiri pun sangat susah. Padahal itu memang hak seorang jiran yang kita kena penuhi. Sebab dekat akhirat nanti Allah akan tanya semua tu.

Imam cakap, sekarang ni tak payah lah nak sibuk sibuk tuntut hak kita dekat orang lain. Biar lah kalau pemimpin tak tunaikan hak rakyat, biar lah kalau majikan abaikan tanggungjawab dia. Yang penting kita tunaikan tanggungjawab kita dekat orang lain.


Dengar tu, wahai anak anak? 


  1. Kak Ecah, ni yg program Young Scientist kat USIM tu kan? Hari tu ada orang ajak Sarah pergi tapi malas.. :P

    Yes, you're right Kak Ecah! (referring to the 2nd part of this blog post)

    May Allah bless all of us. Amin.

  2. gud!=)
    psst.jgn delete lg yer?heheheh

  3. to Sarah Kushairi :
    Aah! Yang tu la. Kalau Sarah pergi mesti kite dah geng dah hari tu. Hehe. Yes, credit to the Imam. :) May Allah count and reward his good deeds. And may Allah bless all of us (tiru ayat Sarah. Hehe). :) :) :)

    to a*** :
    Thank you?

    to Mohd Naqib bin Mazlan :
    Tak great pun la. Haha. Share la dekat your blog jugak. Thanks anyway. :)


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