October 3, 2011

draft #5

HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH, 23hb September 2011.

How much this means to me.

Something happened today which makes me feel something I never felt before. On my way back, I had this question on mind: Will I ever be as important to you someday in the future the way I feel like I am today? I let my thoughts wandered blindly without any answer for a second. And the monotonic tone of finality gave a full stop to it. That does not matter, it says. Because she would always be an important person to me.

It used to be Scoffield and Burrows, Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis, House and Wilson, Holmes and Walson. Now, am trying to move towards being Abdul Rahman bin Auf and Saad bin Raabi', or Imam Maliki and Imam Syafie. And maybe one day -- if not as strong, as near as possible to the bond of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companion, Abu Bakar As Siddiq.

Friends forever means more than just a term. When you say forever, you really have to mean forever. It takes more than just another person you share your thoughts and secrets with, more than hours you spend together through thick and thin. When you say friends forever, it means being friends here in this life, and still are friends on the day ALLAH SWT judges our doings.

When you say friends forever, have you ever truly believed in it? When you say it, you actually have to really mean it, and believe in it. It is something you have to give some efforts on. Something you have to work for. Work for that bonds of love which is on the basis of ALLAH SWT, the Eternal One. Anyone who is bonded to you with that strong basis will be you friends. Forever. Here and Hereafter. InsyaALLAH.

And the girls, all main characters on scene (if you know what I mean), they are my best friends. Now and forever.

"Sesungguhnya di sekitar Arasy ALLAH SWT ada mimbar mimbar daripada cahaya. Di atasnya ada golongan yang berpakaian cahaya, wajah wajah mereka bercahaya. Mereka bukan para nabi mahupun syuhada'. Malahan para nabi dan syuhada' cemburu kepada kedudukan mereka di sisi ALLAH SWT." Sahabat bertanya, "Siapa mereka wahai Rasulullah?" Baginda menjawab, "Mereka adalah orang orang yang saling mencintai kerana ALLAH SWT, bersaudara kerana ALLAH SWT, dan saling mengunjungi kerana ALLAH SWT."

I want to be one of them. Jom nak?

Jom kita berkasih sayang kerana ALLAH SWT! (: (: (:


  1. Nak nak! jom berkasih sayang kerana Allah! :)

    suka baca blog kak ecah. boleh improve english. ngee :D

  2. to anis :
    Jom jom! (: (: (: Isy, mane ade. English pun tunggang langgang ni. =.='

    to aku :
    Glad you like it. (:

  3. What happened that day?!(this penyebok wants to know)

    ukhuwwah fillah <3.

  4. to Maryam :
    Looks like I've instilled curiosity inside you! Haha. And I like it to stay that way. (: (: (:

    Uhibbuki fillah. <3 <3 <3


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