October 25, 2011

draft #6

Title : Reminder.

Those words were repeated 31 times in surah Ar Rahman.

Ar Rahman is one of my favourite surahs in the Quran since I was in school. There, ALLAH SWT speaks of things HE created for us -- the world for us to live in, fruits for our hunger, plants of pleasant smell, us made by clay, jinns by fire free of smoke, the two seas that meet (between them a barrier which cannot be passed; and out of them come pearls and coral stones) as proves of HIS full of Majesty, Bounty, and Honour. Yet, with all HIS blessings and signs of HIS Greatness, many of us forget. And we are left nothing, but lost.

I remembered attending a Grand Qiyamullail at this particular masjeed in town and the imaam recited this surah in one of the prayers. When he reached the repeating part, my eyes began to water. The meaning of the ayaah touched me deep inside. I tried to hold my breathe. But when the imaam himself began to cry, when he tried so hard to read the Holy words without choking, then I completely lost control.

Despite being a crying baby, I cried so badly until the end of the prayer. I could not help it. And I believed other jemaah also shared the same grief. It was really moving.

Reflecting on the ayaah, all I could think was ... ... ...

Why am I so stubborn?

Why am I so ungrateful?

Why haven't I appreciated ALLAH SWT after all HE has given to us?

Why haven't I returned to ALLAH SWT when HE is the Only One who can comfort my pain?

Why haven't I walked to HIM when HE promises that HE would run towards me?

Will ALLAH SWT ever forgive me? Will HE ever forgive me?

Ar Rahman is one of the most beautiful surahs in the Quran. If you have time, please go on Youtube and search for Ar Rahman recitation. There are plenty of them. I hope it will touched you, just as it has touched me.

Well people, we need to keep ourselves reminded because we, humans, are known for our weaknesses. And we sometimes are also known for our strength upon managing disgusting temptations. 

At one point, we are all sobered up. But then, at another point, we have forgotten about the actual purpose in life. However, once you are given the chance to be reminded again, do all that you can. Chances do not come that often.

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13th November 2011

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25th October 2011

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  1. thanks for the reminder dear =)


    p/s2: hehe

  2. No problem. (: (: (: A Muslim is a reminder to another Muslim. And so you are, to me.


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