December 8, 2009

warning: this is nonsense

Observe this picture thoroughly before reading the entry.

Look people, I can understand why during these few months almost every single soul was talking about Twilight or New Moon or whatever the series are. But until to this extend (I mean, the picture above)??? I just can't believe it! 

I saw this in someone's blog. Alright, everyone has the right to their opinions and obsessions, and I respect that. Okay, let's see what I've got to say about this. Since this is my blog, here are some reasons I don't want this Edward Cullen boy whoever he is. (I am still free from any influence of Twilight book or movie. Did I mention it proudly? :P)

I don't want an Edward Cullen because:

  • I don't think I can handle someone swearing 'his eternal love and devotion' to me. Eternity is forever, you know?
  • I don't think I can stand having dinner with someone who might probably drink my blood. That's scary, man!
  • I can't stand someone staring at me the whole time during meals and that person has the ability to read mind. Very uncomfortable (and annoying, of course).
  • I don't want someone to 'sing my nightmares away'. I want someone who freaking hold me instead of say or sing anything when I'm scared or hurt or whatsoever. (mwahahaha =)
  • I don't want to inspire 'lullabies'. I want to inspire heroic battles hahaha ^0^/ Or something more grand and fierce and strong.
  • I don't want someone who smells like 'honey, lilac and sunshine'. That's Winnie the Pooh! I can't think any other name.
  • I want someone who have better battles to fight against, rather than one with, urm.. 'Italian vampires'?

I just want... a normal human.

Okay, that's it.

p/s1: no offense to Twilight or Edward fans, okay? =). Peace.

p/s2: lately, I can only produce junks. so pardon me for that matter.


  1. oh ohhh akhirnya!(ade gak org yg sependapat)

    edward's too good to be true,too impossible.
    prefer jacob,though.

  2. of course dear..
    there's no way under the sun will exist such a guy.
    kan? kan? kan?

    eh, remind me again why we can bond easily..
    (because you were always agree with me, no?)
    hehehe ;P


. snape's potion class : in memories . :'(

. dumbledore's army .