March 29, 2010

quick post

Since I am having a full-3-month holiday, I think I should start thinking of how could I contribute to the society, and especially how could I help to improve 1Malaysia (next time I mention this word again, I will shoot myself).

1. I have been thinking of discussing (yes, discussing. not writing) with the Minister of Higher Education about the implementation of proper dress codes to all colleges and universities in Malaysia - be it public or private. I saw few pictures of my cousin at her university, and I was like, 'Oh my God! Is that what you guys wear to the lectures?' Such an eye-sore. I tell you. (let's pray she won't read this post huhu~).

If I were the Minister of Higher Education, I would rather synchronize the dress codes for all tertiary institutions. Strict and proper one. Failing to impose my rules (my rules? ^o^), all students from that particular institution have to wear UNIFORM (don't curse me!). Uniforms are provided. Don't worry. 

Oh, that's only if I am really the Minister of Higher Education >.<

2. I have been planning to organize a national campaign of No Mobile Phone for School Age Children. Mobile phones are bad for them. Let's face it. Giving the children a mobile at an early age might turn them into mobile junkies who are addicted to constant short messaging and games. (kinda reminds me of my sister. oh, she will kill me for campaigning this!).

Mobile phone is just a distraction for children's innocent mind. I recall the time when I brought the phone to school (oops!). I didn't even use it to call my parents, as what I promised them. They called me instead. I used it to contact this other person (double oopsss!). Then I lost the phone (padan muka!). Lucky my dad was not very angry (pheww -.-').

As for parents who still want to give mobiles to their children, just stick to simple mobiles with minimum functions. Not only more economical for the parents, but also can limit the children from using it for nefarious purposes.

3. I have been looking for an opportunity to meet the top people from any TV station (Dato' Farid will do). I personally feel that TV is a resource, that is not used to the full extent that it could be. TV programmes that educate are not shown too often. 

What are you watching on TV right now? Chances of the shows are, the rerun of Malay dramas - like Sumpah Puteri Bunian, which are really good for nothing. I would prefer getting myself off the TV, rather than to feel annoyed and disgusted in front of the lifeless TV screen throughout the show. 

These vulgar TV channels enter our home and bring us nothing but bad influences - to the young people, especially. The owner of the TV station wants nothing more, other than to make profit (of course!).

4. I am looking forward to seeing the advising board of all companies which involved in the entertainment industry in Malaysia. I want to convince them how bad the industry has turned into. And I would like to know why they are showing too much of their fondness to the western ways? 

Where else did they get the idea of producing Impak Maksima and KL Drift if not from Too Fast Too Furious (don't make that face. I knew it). And the scripts from the films were something which sound like, 'Lu apa barang lawan guna kayu ni beb. Tak cukup jantan ke?'. (urgh, gross!). That's not originally from this land, right? Don't try to use such dialogue in front of me. I will puke at your face (literally).

And my advise to the company is, stop emulating the western style with your under-budget-allocation. You make an attempt to use cool and posh cars like Mitsubishi Lancer, Porsche or whatever the species are. Good attempt there. But your cars look like something from the 1980's. Not cool at all!


That's all for now. I will figure out what else I can do for this country. Oh, by the way, is there anyone who would like to sign up for this... reformation group? (I like Dumbledore's Army better ^^). I have to make sure I can grow a crowd of people before I can really stomp into those respective people's office. Or else I am as good as dead. You know, living in this democratic country, they will surely have me locked up in the basement of Bukit Aman headquarters.


  1. i love this entry....very menyedarkan...perlu dilakukan demi manfaat semue:)

  2. to cahaya kesempuranaan:
    Hehe :)
    Urm.. can I take that as a compliment?

  3. i could be the vice president for the campaign..wif me baing phoneless at da moment, yeah, why not?
    kids nowadays kan..... *shakes head*

    uniform, as in kat korea tu ke? alolololoo cumel

  4. to maryam:
    Be my guest, dear. You can even be the advisor if you want :)
    Aah, uniform cam private school kat Korea..
    Comel kan? kan? kan?
    So, can I count you in?
    Hehe >.<

    to zur:
    Hye there! :)
    Good girl, zur.
    That's the spirit I am looking for..

  5. weh aisyah!dak sombong..i'm in your campaign..i'm supporting you all the way..dont worry..baek x?kih3

  6. to tetamu yg perasan kacak:
    Sombong, am I? Really?
    Hey, btw, do we personally know each other?
    Good, I need a floor manager.
    You know, person who handles the signage and all that.

    p/s: I kindly request you to stop using such nickname. Menyampah kot. (I intend to capitalize the word 'menyampah')

  7. ecah!!i'm so IN!!haha

    seriously,malaysia do not produce much educational programmes..they like to tiru the useless reality programmes from d west and other countries(american idol,akademi fantasia,and certainly many more that wud not fit dis page!!(ok im exaggerating..but its kinda true!!haha)) but not their educational programmes..

    i remembered my mum telling me her conversation with my cikgu tadika when she was to enroll me to a tadika..

    cikgu:anak puan ni dh pernah masuk sekolah ke?dh kenal huruf?
    mum:x,semua belum..akak belum ajar apa2

    after a while being in dat tadika n my mum met dat cikgu again..

    cikgu:puan kata anak puan x tau apa2,tapi anak puan ni kenal huruf la puan

    my mum said it was maybe bcoz i loved watching postman pat when i was in UK..tq mr postman 4 helping me!huhu

    who wud think dat such simple programme as postman pat wud help me start my school days excellently?

    so little of these kind of programme from malaysia huh..

    now they have 'are u smarter than a fifth grader?',a very interesting educational gameshow,inviting adults to answer questions regarding subjects learned by fifth graders..n they hv some 5th grade students to help them!!haha..

    singapore has spellcast..spelling gameshow.
    also groom my room-educating singapore children to decorate their own rooms,from their own creative ideas..they even learned how to manage their budget..

    malaysia?ok i shudn't b biased..upin ipin is educational,n it proves to capture the hearts of many.recently i went to indon n they even sell the patung of upin ipin(tapi x comel la..huhu)..see how such programmes r much worth making than those kind of films ecah list down..huhu

    the only reality show from malaysia that i truly like is nescafe kick-start..

    malaysia has the potential n the market 4 these programmes...lets make more of those!!

    sori tulis cm nk tulis post pulak..haha

  8. to nurjalilah:
    Woaa! Wooaa! Woooaaa!
    Haha :)
    I cannot agree more, Jalilah.
    And, and, I like Spell-it-right and Mighty Minds kind of shows.

    Jalilah, I think you can write something to the TV station regarding this matter. Or maybe to the newspaper. I seriously like this, can I send your comment to the newspaper? Hehe >.<

  9. style of writing will be immediately rejected by the editor bcoz it lacks the spirit of 1Malaysia..huhu

    oh yeah..SIR and Mighty Minds..I watched them long time ago(not very long are they still aired on the TV?wonder2..

    p/s:ecah,why lame x online kt ym?huhu

  10. to nurjalilah:
    As I've assumed, your respond must be a low profile one.
    Hehe >.<
    Oh, you don't need the spirit of 1Malaysia, you just need the spirit of being a concern citizen of Malaysia. And it's already in you, sunshine ^_^
    Yes, SIR and Mighty Minds are not currently shown on the TV. -sad face-

    p/s: Seems like you've missed me already hehe >.< It's virulent la, Jal. And the virus reproduce in lytic cycle huhu~. Bahaye2.. As "I will do whatever it takes to make you safe", I have to stay away from it. And I will make contact with the outside world using the other medium *wink wink*

  11. O virulent?steps yg pip ajar hari tu x berkesan ke?huhu..sian ecah..n wats d other medium?blurr..haha..sori2

    currently x brpa sihat la mum pun dmm.n I vomited on sunday night..batuk2,sakit tekak..H1N1?haha..xtau la,insyaAllah x,coz i'm feeling a bit better=)

    p/s:haah memg rindu ecah la..ngan andah n umi n pip n


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