March 22, 2010

tell me, i am normal

1. I will do a personality quizzes over and over until I get the result I want. Then, I will act completely surprised that I got what I wanted. [Note: I never end up being labeled 'someone-who-manipulates-quizzes-to-get-the-desired-result'. Thankfully.]

2. If I am wearing a white shirt and eating spaghetti, I have to give myself a pep talk beforehand (i.e. "I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I really can do this!"). As in I can eat the meal without getting on my shirt. From experiments conducted, the chance of food falling is significantly increased if (1). you wear white shirt, or (2). you wear your favourite shirt, or (3). you are trying to impress someone. (Or is it just me?)

3. I have trouble to determine which is the 9th month and which is the 11th. Each time the word September or November hits my ears, I will quickly make a mental calculation: N comes before S in the alphabetical order. But, it does not necessary November comes first. So September is the 9th month while November is the 11th.

4. When I go to fastfood outlet, I become irrationally worried that I am going to forget my order. I will spend the entire time stuck in the counter silently repeating the order over and over again. But attempting to say it casually and professionally as well.

5. Not only I do practise my order, I routinely practise conversations with a person who will only end up saying "That's RM4.95. Thank you". The person does not even smile.

6. If people say they don't like House, I just assume they are confused with another television series. I really, honestly cannot comprehend someone not liking that series.

7. Speaking of television series, I have been watching Prison Break and Heroes over and over again. And I can't stop (alamak!). Michael Scofield and Peter Petrelli are two items which are very hard to resist. 

8. I think of new Harry Potter movie everyday. I even reread the book and try to put everything in mind so that once I watch the new movie, I can complain every single thing from the movie which doesn't follow the book.

9. I have the entire rack of books to read, but I always pick up Dan Brown's, or J.K. Rowling's, or sometimes Sophie Kinsella's books which I have already finished reading. While others are still in the waiting list to be read.

10. I cannot have more than 20 emails in my inbox at once. Any more, I will succumb to a nuclear meltdown and end up lying on the floor. Emails have to be immediately responded to, archived or deleted. I have no idea when this habit started, nor why it has to be 20 and not 30 or 50. 

11. I don't get the cupcake craze. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like cupcakes. (what's not to like? icing? cake? sprinkles?). But there is this intensity around cupcakes that I don't quite follow. If a cupcake is around, sure - *I will eat it, but I'd always rather have sour candy.

*Or may be I won't eat it. Last week, I ran into a parent (dad's colleague) whom I hadn't seen for years. And his exact words, "Is that your daughter? Oh, I really can't recognize her. Hey, girl! You look so much... fuller." Fuller. Why, on earth did you use that word? Fuller? Sigh. Ladies and gentlemen, just... let's put it out here. NEVER use the word FULLER to describe a girl. Even if you are an old folk, bear in mind that girls cannot tolerate with such word.

12. I wake up every morning blaming myself for not waking up much earlier. And regreting for unconsciously hit the snooze button in my sleep. And hating the fact that I don't find the sound of an alarm clock disturbs my sleep.

13. Every. Single. Time. I hit 'publish', I have an irrational fear that someone will read my post, feeling annoyed. I am not worried of comments, I just have this moment of panic whenever I think, 'Oh, this post is way too crappy!'. (I heard you are saying, 'just like this one!')

- Okay, actually, for the past few days I have thought of thirty-seven million things I wanted to post about and so today, when I finally get to sit down with my computer, obviously I would have nothing to share. 

- So, for the sake of updating, I just post these random things which are totally not worth reading... and writing. 

- Sorry for wasting your time. Really!


  1. u r normal la..
    cuma byk fikir jer..
    but its great..lots of thought..
    leh merangsangkan neuron2 otak..hehe
    but some fact seriuoslly funny.. n i dont expact that u think about it..^_^

  2. to durakhyar:
    Luckily you said that I'm normal..
    Otherwise, I have to arrange an appointment with a psychiatrist haha ^.^
    Lots of thought, isn't it?
    Lots of nonsense thought, to be precise +_+

  3. cool..

    Try out this link;

    Read few entries, you'll find it very funny and interesting.


  4. how could i tell,when you're certainly not? *tak baik menipu*
    (i kid i kid)
    hahha. i luvvve this, hoping 4 more soon. gud job,love.

    and i just had to LAUGH AT #11. fuller, he said that? -giggles-
    tu lahh,makan tak ingat orang sini.

  5. to anonymous:
    Alright, I will check it out.
    Is that yours? Or your friend's?
    Oh, you don't want me to know.
    Never mind. Thanks anyway.
    Now, you try this one,

    to maryam:
    You know what, Marie-dearie..
    You can always hope for more, but.. (complete the sentence yourself) hehe >.<

    How dare pakcik tu!
    Siap la dia!
    If he does ever invite me for his child's wedding reception, I won't come. haha ^.^
    (very mature, aisyah!)

  6. i really hate to say it...but...
    i can't lie...never...
    agree with that pakcik! hahahaha!

    oh yeah, i think you forgot your 'VICKS''s really...errr, 'normal'..hheeh=P

  7. to sumaiyah:
    haha =P
    Don't do that, people will laugh at you.

    to creamyfiodesi:
    *huh, I really need some time to accept this!*
    Hey, don't you think you are supposed to be on my side?

    Oowh, the 'VICKS' habit (as you call it)..
    The habit has long gone. (did I mention it proudly?) hehe >.<
    But, it is normal. No?


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