April 8, 2010

this is karma

A few days ago, I was sitting in my room doing some works when I heard someone outside rattle the front door. Oh, my house possesses quite a good sound-proof door. I could barely hear the voice. I heard the knock instead. It's 2.15pm. It couldn't be dad.

knock! knock! knock!

knock! knock! knock!

Locked up. But I didn't get up. Why? Because I was in my room, with my laptop, chatting with my cousin. Also, I was pretty sure someone else would open the door in about eight seconds.

knock! knock! knock!

*the person said something but I couldn't hear at all*

Yeah, I was there, but I had no plan on getting up to open the door. Why? Because my mom was probably on her way. About a minute later, the banging got harder. More furious. It was a man (I am very positive!).

And I still didn't get up. Why? Because now I was scared. I didn't want to open the door and have someone fling himself towards me like a ravenous beast. It could have been a crazy person, a rabid forest animal, a maniacal serial killer, and it could have been the devil. So I sat in my room for another minute trying to drown out the pleas for help. I also prayed. In case it was the devil.

I went to get my mom in her room. She was praying. Oh my God! I didn't know what to do. I was scared to death. But then, the banging got ferocious, the shouts got louder.


'Can someone open the door?'

It has been almost five minutes since the first knock on the door, and all the while I was having these conversation with myself:

Are you seriously going to sit here, and pretend you can't hear?
No. Yes. I don't know. May be.

What if it's really dad forget to bring the keys?
What if it's not dad?

May be by the time I get up, mom would have already gone to open it.
NO ONE is going. Now, GO!

Just then, I heard the voice calling me. BY NAME.

Oh, it's really dad. God really doesn't like how you are behaving right now, aisyah!

So, I got up and hurried to open the door. I was a bit scared because dad would yell at my face in no time. But he didn't (pheww =.="). Dad would be having a meeting at 2.30pm and he forgot to bring some documents. So, he rushed from his office without bringing his mobile and the keys. It's already 2.25pm now. It was my fault if he couldn't make it on time. Bad girl.

I knew, the consequence was big. I went back to my room, and as I settled myself in front of the laptop again, the thought came across my mind: this would totally come back to me someday. 

You guys, someday came today.

Yesterday, when I went to the shop, I put the keys in the pocket of my trousers. But, when I returned home, I didn't return them to the key ring, nor did I put it in my bag as I usually did. This morning, mom and dad were not at home. They went to my sister's school which took about one hour journey.

At about 12.30 noon, I stepped out to get ready to fetch my little brother from school. And as I turned the lock on the door handle with my thumb, and pulled it shut, I realized that I locked myself out. I called my mom to let her know that I was stuck.

Me -_-" :
Mom, I forget to bring the keys with me, and now I am stuck outside.
My mom:
It's okay, call along. He's in his room.
Me -_-" :
Well, he's not at home. I already checked.
My mom:
How could you forget to bring the keys?
Me -_-" : 
My bad. Did dad tell you, a few days ago he was outside banging on the door, and I didn't let him in? I think this is payback.
My mom:
You didn't let him in?
Me -_-" :
Well, not right away.
My mom:
Could you hear him?
Me -_-" :
My mom:
How long did he have to wait?
Me -_-" :
I don't know. Like a few minutes. And he was rushing for a meeting.
My mom:
What were you doing?
Me -_-" :
I don't know. Nothing.

My mom:
That's really... that's so wrong. I am afraid you have to wait for us. We are on our way home. Don't worry. Go fetch your brother first.

So, I fetched my little brother and returned about 10 minutes later, but my parents still weren't home. I had already spent 30 minutes stranded outside, walking in circles while my little brother kept on blaming me.

Dear God,

Lesson learned.

With apologies,


non-related topic:

Now, I am wondering if you guys ever ask yourself what will happen to your blog once you are gone?

Like you were to pass away right now without being able to edit your blog or to delete it?

What about all the things you said? Right or wrong. What if they are used against you as the evidence of your backbiting, stretching the truth, hurting other people etc.?

Mentioned in a hadith about how we will be questioned for the things our tongue said, but what about what our fingers typed? Our parts of body will testify against us, so what will our fingers say?

Am just saying. Has it ever crossed your mind?


  1. pernah :(
    seram + takut + risau

    sebab tu lah ada hadith, berkata yg baik atau diam. sebab kata2 itu ada besar impactnya pada yang berkenaan.

    spoil betui lah ucu batrisya, uda tulis english dia reply guna malay. hikhik :P im sorry dear ;)

  2. to sumaiyah:
    Tatot an? huhu~
    Oh, I feel like I am dying.. (motif!)

    p/s: ucu, don't worry pasal bahasa.. nak cakap korea pun boleh hehe >.<

  3. to ucu batrisya:
    haha ^.^
    That's so sarcastic of you!
    Oh btw, what's up with the www.malasnaksigninbloggerhaha.com?
    hehe.. :)


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