June 24, 2010


by: Cik Nab

What will you do when your friend stabs on your back?
Hey, jom face to face la! (cam berani je kan hehe..)

Who are the 6 people close to your heart?
My heart is too big to accommodate only six.

Do you think you are cute?
Not at all.

Are you single or taken?
Single. Full stop.

Which blog do you enjoy to view?
Friend's or people-I-know's. I do not usually read stranger's stuffs.

Is your room tidy all the time?
Depends on who is judging the tidiness.

Last song you heard?
Nobody - from the TV commercial.

Last text message?
"Salam. Korang, hari ni birthday andah.. Sape belum wish, wish la ye.. hu2"
Oh, yeah andah. Someone reminded me to wish for your birthday. Be surprised who that someone is!

Last phone call?
"Guess where did everybody go?"
"I don't know."
"Pizza Hut. Apai wants to treat everybody before he leaves to further his studies."
"He is going to further his studies? You should say 'good luck' to him before he goes."
"Yeww. That's disgusting!"
"Yeah. That's the most disgusting idea ever crossed my mind."

Last time you cried?
Cannot remember.

Last time on YM?
Million years ago.

5 favourite colours?
Blue, and make it five :)

Game you like most?
Not really into games.

Fan of MCR?
Fan of ... what? MCR? What is that supposed to mean? (buat2 tak tau lak hehe..)

Do you find this tag enjoyable?
What do you think?

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  1. gerau diraja...June 24, 2010 8:47 PM


    ecah is cute and taken..

    bilik xyah cakap la.. mmg kemas memanjang


  2. i know who sent u d last msg bcoz i got the same msg too..hahah..cik jal comel itu.
    taken kan?hahahaha.
    nobody but you..keh3 (i only know that part)
    MCR tu ape? (ulu x klu xtau?)
    ecah is extremely cute...FULLSTOP...
    no wonder ......... she is taken..kan?kan?kan?
    hehehe gurau je..
    rndu ecah.

  3. to gerau diraja & halini hamzah:

    Oh, how you both please me! :)
    If I were a dude I'd really come to you and ask you out..
    Eh silap2.. I'd come to your parents and ask, "saye nak kawan ngan anak pakcik boleh?" hehe ^^
    But I might have difficulties to choose either of you.. (takkan nak two-timing lak kan?)

    Yela yela.. taken by you all la..
    Congrats! You guys manage to steal my heart. wee weet >.<

    Lini, MCR tu My Chemical Romance (kan Ajie?)
    Band yg OMG-what-happen-to-their-face!
    Takde la, tak ulu langsung kalau tak tau mende tu..
    Sape tak tau palindromes tu ape lagi ulu kot haha ^.^

    Miss you both too :) And, know what, I am bursting!
    (bursting is when I am thinking of you everyday but I couldn't see and talk to you in person)

  4. wahahahhax..mau senyum smpei tak muat muka la aku senyum harini..
    ala ecah,aku tau prince charming ko tak kan sesat jalan punyer la..n tade la stubborn sgt nk tny direction kan..
    oke,msj jal mmg comel..tp sape andah tu?dia comel tak? wahahax..
    kte jumpa 6julai ni okee..comel2 oke..

    (ohoho..ni andah oke..takle guna blogger punya id coz da telupa paswed oke..tp ibtak nyanyuk lg oke..)oke3..dah hbis oke..tata..mis u oke..wahahax (n_n)

  5. to anonymous aka andah:

    Haha 100x.. *gasps for air*
    Okay, andah memang sangat comel, yet naughty haha >.<

    Personal message to andah: Prince charming sounds so flirtatious la andah. & please don't quote that again. I regret for sending the text huhu~ All right, can't wait to see you :) Boleh cop bilik tak eh? hehe.. Cane boleh lupe password ni? Alzheimer ke andah? Miss you too.. Kite nak tengok la andah gemok ke tak haha..

  6. tu la ko..tp aku wat 'price charming'..nampk gedix gler dsitu.
    ok,ko jgn ingt cam cfs oke..main cop2 bilik oke..aku initial 'S' ni konfem2 level 3 or 4 oke..yg A bwh ake..i sakit hati oke..

    tapi kalu bole kurus i puas hati oke.. :p

    OMG..ko jgn la nk usha i gemok ke tak oke..nnt i malu nk jumpa u oke..

    i tak alzheimer oke..rigor mortis aci tak? (asal terlintas je i tibai..sedap gak nama tu kan?) wahahax

    ecah,i rindu la gelak raksasa u tu..meremang rambut i dengar..i rindu okee...

  7. to anonymous aka andah:

    Aah, memang gedik pun andah.. Kite malu kot hu~
    Ntah2 kite memang kene dok level atas, kite an register petang.. Adeh.. Nanti dah naik malas nak turun (cam andah dulu haha)
    Ni yg lagi nak usha2 andah ni.. Tau tak, pipo cakap dia dah kurus.. Cis, takleh bla..
    Eh, rigor mortis tu ape eh? Bukan muscle stiffness ke (kantoi dah lupe Bio2 huhu)
    Rindu andah gak :) ngan andah nye bantal bucuk haha..

    [desperate takleh gune YM, kene chatting kat sini hehe >.<]


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