September 15, 2010

court hearing

Objective : To reveal what a family reunion does to the victim's self-esteem.

Today, we are all gathered to hear a case between _____ and _____ .

Because I am not a lawyer (not even a law student for that matter), I would not know the technical terms for 'the court' language, neither do I know how cases are heard in the court. My knowledge of law is limited to only having taken one unit of Malaysia National Medicines Policy in college.

Never the less, believing that justice should be upheld no matter where, when, or how, I present to you the issues of the case as well as one possibly can.

Plaintiff -- a girl.
Defendant -- a boy.
Judge -- basically a girl, yet not a gender-biased.

So basically, this is the fact from the plaintiff.

They all gathered at a house of this aunty (who refused to be named) during the second day of Hari Raya. The defendant was asked to list the aunties in the house. The plaintiff, who was sitting in front of the defendant, was an easy target. The defendant pointed to the plaintiff and said, "There is one aunty."

The plaintiff saw it coming, although the plaintiff felt it was unjustified. The plaintiff, being 20 (^.^), had only 3 in the house younger than her. One being 7 should not even be counted, and the other are 14 and 17. Technically, the plaintiff is ... yeah, considered young in the family.

On top of that, the plaintiff and the defendant, being cousin of cousin meant that they were from the same generation. So, they should never call each other aunty or uncle.

The plaintiff then looked at the defendant's mother with a pleading smile. The smile said, "Please ... please ... please correct your son so that he will not forever, from today and onwards, call me aunty."

So, the defendant's mother said, "Son, she is a sister. You can not call an unmarried girl aunty."

And the defendant said with a super straight face, "I don't know. I just know that she is twenty-something. She is big so I call her aunty."

.at. .this. .point. .the. .whole. .family. .immediate. .and. .extended. .burst. .out. .into. .laughter.

Defendant's defence : He is 5 and he does NOT know better.

Next trial is issued two weeks from now.

Court dispersed. 


  1. Lmaooo.
    Not Apis kan? Dia 5 taun lbeyh da...

  2. to sumaiyah :

    You are not that gullible to believe that it really happens in the real court, right?
    So, the other part is true la. Hehe.

    to maryam :

    Oh, bukan2.. This is a cousin of my real cousin. Hehe.
    Apis is 7 in fact. :)
    And he is so lazy to go to school!


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