September 16, 2010


Seriously, I am going to do my PHM 1113 assignment right now. No more online-ing, stalk-ing, or post-ing till I conquered those 4 pages full of words due on Monday! Oh but ... this is so irresistible. Haha.


I have a sudden crush :) Won't you? When the boy is friendly, and obviously smart, and awfully cute? (But overall, I think he is just awfully cute).

Meet my crush. Ta daa!

This is son of my dad's ex-student.
(oh, jauhnye relation kami)

He looks a bit Korean + Japanese.
(kan? kan? tak ke?)

He is cute, a real heart breaker.
(I bet)

He broke mine when he said, 
"Hi! I am Aiman, I am 4 and I want to be a pilot." 
(ouch! my pilot-boy ^^)

Being ever a hopeful girl, 
I asked dad, if he knows, whether or not Aiman has any older brother.

Dad said, 

To which I replied, 

And then my dad said, 
"Yes. And he is 7."


When I said older brother, 
I meant twenty-something older brother lah. Duhh.

Oh, don't ever think my crush's hair looks like in the picture!
He was wearing artificial Phua Chu Kang hair.
(obviously synthetic, right?)


Okay, done and posted. Now, this is your brain speaking. Are you happy now, aisyah? Will you go and do your assignment then? I mean, if you want to fail the course, repeat a few semesters, and graduate years after everyone, then please, by all means it is no concern of mine. BUT, seeing that I am your brain and consequently stuck in you, it means that we are in this together. And it will be ME the brain part of you that will be doing most of the work to ensure you graduate. Then you have no right to drag me into the hot water with you. Instead, I have the right to drag you to the opposite way. I have equal say!


  1. Ahha, fun kid! I love budak2 yg comel, sporting and x mengade ngade. Buleh tak gituuu

    Hey, listen to your brainn! lmao.Look whos talking!

  2. comel2..

    aisyah and her pilot-boy..haha..x abes2 pilot ecah..huhu

  3. to galaxydefender :

    Boleh2. Biase la tu, biased. Haha.
    I am trying to listen but I really can't. *smacks head*

    p/s: dah balik kuantan. tension la. hu~

    to nurjalilah :

    Comel kan? Comel kan? Hehe.
    Kite dah cop pilot-boy yg ni. Nak amek yg lain, amek la. Haha. :)


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