December 19, 2010

letter #2

Dear Nabihah,

You have graduated from high school. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Soon, you will see things you can only imagine, will experience things you never think you could, and will go through things that might seem so big right now. No matter whatever comes in the future, do not ever give up. Do not worry for Allah will be the strength and will lead your way.

As you reach my age, you will realize that exams are just exams. Mom and dad will make a big deal out of it, but do not let it intimidate you. Grades in exams are just alphabets. Grades are not that important. What's more important is the attitude you take towards learning, the lessons you can take, and the knowledge you can gain. You can always aim to score in exams, of course. But that is not the ultimate purpose of learning.

I can honestly tell you that the road will suddenly take a bumpy turn. At times, you will realize that you cannot always maintain the perfect result. Or may be you can. But what I am trying to emphasize here is, to be a perfectionist is not always the best policy. You will realize every adult, every hero you can think of still makes mistakes, still messes up. Because we are all human after all. To err is human, isn't it?

College will be life challenging. Trust me, you will not like it a bit. But the people you meet there will make it all better. You will meet genius friends and amazing lecturers. They are interesting. Oh! And sometimes, you will be tempted to lie mom and dad or to sneak out. DO NOT. Because it is not worth it. I have seen friends who practiced these and I think it is not a good start of becoming an adult.

Once you enroll the college, first thing you have to watch out is, who you want to make friends, because people you are always mingling with will shape your attitude in a way or another. From observations and experimentations, it is concluded that, your close friends during your first year of studies will remain until you graduate. So, be careful. You do not want to stuck between those who will harm your mentality, do you?

As for the boys in your life. Haha. Exactly, what boys? Please do not get too involved with anyone. You will encounter some not so cool guys, some cheaters, some sweet talkers, etc etc. So I repeat, do not get your feeling too involved, unless you want to get hurt. And some may ask for your hand as soon as you turn 18. Haha. I do not know what they have in mind. It is way too early for daddy's girls like us, right? Just ... yeah, be careful with them.

I would like to say, I love the way you do not follow peer pressure. I love the fact that you guard yourself from all the indecent behaviours which the girls nowadays do. You know, all the fashions, the hang outs till wee hour, the regular loitering in town, the regular visits to cinemas. I am glad you have that barrier which prevents you from following and doing such things. I am proud of that. :)

Dear, trust yourself. Do not ever doubt the God given abilities. The world is a cruel place. Know that, following Allah's commandments is the only way to live happily. Once you get that right, everything else will just click into place. And knowledge is really important to survive in this cruel world. -quote- Therefore, you have to equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible. 

So, wish you a very big fat yet hug-able LUCK! (^.^) 


p/s 1: I've completed the quotas for this year! :)

p/s 2: See you in 2011, insyaAllah.


  1. As for the boys in your life. Haha. Exactly, what boys? Please do not get too involved with anyone...bla3.

    haha! yeah! if u like sum1, go clean their desk on holiday when they are not in the class.
    lol! talking about 'someone' tuu..=P

  2. to creamyfiodesi:
    URGENT respond -red light indication-

    Oh my GODDD! This is not supposed to be a public issue. Oh, but ... who is exactly you are talking about? -throw the stone and hide the hand- Hehe.

  3. =)

    wah, special entry 4 nabihah!
    hehe die kna bce nih

    err, did I harm your mentality? *curious*

    p/s; sad mode T_T

  4. Hehe. Dia dah bace dah pun. :)
    No dear, you didn't. Although in some cases you actually did, tapi takpe lah, that some cases boleh diabaikan. Haha.


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